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American VS European Blackjack: Similarities and Differences

Blackjack or “21” is the world hit and favorite game of millions both online and offline gamblers. Nowadays, the game can be easily played on laptops, computers and smartphones, and over the years it has gained a huge community of fans. Although there are many varieties of blackjack available, the two most widely used are American and European. Today, we invite you to learn the similarities and differences between these two varieties.

Common Features of American and European Blackjacks

Like all other types, these two varieties have a common goal: to beat the dealer. For this purpose, the gambler needs to score 21 points or as close to 21 as possible, and do not exceed this figure. You can also learn where to play European blackjack here.

If we further consider the similarities, it is worth noting that the rules of the game in both varieties remain unchanged. However, there are slight differences that you should remember before entering the game.

What Are The Differences To Pay Attention To?

1) Number of decks

The European version uses two standard decks, while the American one uses from 6 to 8 decks. Of course, having more decks makes it difficult to count. But for a professional, nothing is impossible.

2) One card

The main difference between the two game options is one card. Under traditional American rules, the dealer receives one card face up and one card face down. If the dealer has an Ace face up, he immediately looks at his hole card. In the case of ten or jack, queen or king, the game ends with an automatic victory for the dealer. In the European version, the rules of the game provide for the dealer to receive only one card, the second card is dealt after all the players at the table have made their bets.

3) Insurance bet

In the American version, players are allowed to choose an insurance bet if the face-up card is an ace. If the dealer hits blackjack, the player loses the bet but wins the insurance. In European blackjack, since there is no face-down card, the player gets the opportunity to finish the deal before the dealer gets a second card.

4) Double Down

Depending on the chosen game rules, players have different options for doubling the bet. When playing European blackjack, players are allowed to double when their hand is between 9 and 11. American blackjack allows players to double their bet at any hand value.

5) Late drop

This option allows players to accept defeat after the first two cards are dealt. In American blackjack, players are allowed to drop their cards at any time. But you can’t give up playing European blackjack. The participant who drops loses 50% of his bet, not the entire sum.

In general, blackjack will certainly hook you with its ease, excitement and desire to prove that you can be the first.