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Tips to Visit Bali with Kids

Bali in Indonesia is a very popular travel destination. It is favored by many people all around the globe, especially couples.

The honeymoon crowd is quite strong in Bali. Bali also makes for a great family vacation destination.
The beautiful, pristine beaches and the lush greenery, is enough to make your vacation a relaxing.
There are many family centered attractions in Bali as well, which will make sure that you and your family have a nice time while in Bali.

Also there are many family friendly holiday accommodations as well, which makes your stay in Bali with your kids very convenient.

Another great thing about Bali is, how cheap the food is. You can find wholesome and hearty meals at a very reasonable price in Bali, which is another good reason to visit the place with your family.
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Tips for visiting Bali with your kids

Visiting the island of Bali is relatively easy with kids. There are many kid friendly accommodations and many attractions for kids as well.

Bali and Malaysia are probably the easiest places to visit with kids. You can also do a round trip for these two destinations as well, while you are at it.

You can book Cathay Pacific Malaysia flights online as well.

Nonetheless, here are a few tips that will help you make the best out of your Bali holiday with your children.

Book your accommodations prior to your visit

Even though family resorts and accommodations are quite popular in Bali, but it is always wise to book your accommodations in advance if you are visiting with children.

Book your hotel rooms a few days prior to your arrival in the island, so that you can easily find an accommodation that suits your styles and meets your requirements.

If you want to explore Bali in a more independent fashion, you can also book independent villas from AirBnb as well.

Choose the accommodation that offers breakfast

If you are travelling with your kids, it is a wise idea to choose an accommodation that provides breakfast as well.

This will save you quite a bit of money and also be more convenient when your kids are with you.

Take taxis to get around

When travelling in Bali with the little ones, the best idea will be to take taxis. Bali offers various taxi services and thus you can almost always find a taxi service available.

You can either get around by the Bluebird Taxis, which charge by meter or you can negotiate the fare with other taxi services.

You can also hire a car with a driver if you want for an entire, this will be even more convenient than hiring a taxi service, but a little more expensive.

Be on the lookout for family friendly restaurants

Balinese food are almost always favored by kids as the amount of spice is quite toned down in their food.

But make sure that you choose the right places to eat, otherwise you might end up with some not so great dishes.

TJ’s Mexican Bar and restaurant in Kuta, Zanzibar in Legian, Lemonade in Ubud, Spice Beach Club in Lovina and Pantarei Bali in Seminyak are some of the best family friendly restaurants in Bali that you can try with your family.

Carry mosquito and insect repellents

If you want to be extra cautious about your kids being bitten by mosquitos and other insects, make sure to carry an insect repellent.

Mosquito bites are quite common, even in great accommodations, so make sure that you carry a mosquito repellent cream for your kids.

Once you visit Bali, you will absolutely love your family holiday in Bali. The culture, scenic beauty and the food and activities will keep you hooked to the place.

And once your vacation is over, you will always want to come back to Bali for more.