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3 Perfect Summer Gifts for a Special Friend

We all have that one special friend, a person we can always rely on when we need someone to help us or simply to lend an ear or put an arm around our shoulders. Where would we be without that friend, whether it’s a relative, a work colleague, or someone we’ve been close to since our school days? That’s why it’s important to show them just how much we appreciate all they do for us, so what could be better than a gift filled with love? You don’t have to wait until their birthday, any day is a perfect day to show how much you care, and here are three perfect summer gifts that are sure to hit the right note.

1. Summer Candles

Candles are the perfect gift for a friend who means the world to you. They not only carry exciting fragrances but they look great too so they can brighten up any room in a house. A present of summer candles needn’t be expensive either, especially when you buy direct from a specialist in this field such as Frostbeard Studio; they provide quality, value, and variety, with examples from their range including the Old Forest, based upon rosewood and fig, with a spicy background, and the luxurious Fairy Tale Ending candle which brings to mind honey and champagne.

2. Bottle Of Fizz

To accompany a champagne scented candle, what could be better than a bottle of champagne itself? It’s the ultimate in luxury drinks, and it keeps its exclusivity because it’s only allowed to call itself by the name if the grapes used have grown within a carefully controlled area of the northeastern region of France bearing the same name. Other sparkling wines are available from outside of this region, however, including Cava from Spain, the increasingly popular Prosecco from Italy, and Californian sparkling wines such as Mumm Napa. They all have the same exciting taste that sets your taste buds tingling, but they can be far less expensive for a high-quality bottle.

3. Classic Book

Have you heard the news? Books are back in high demand. Despite the number of tablets, Kindles and other electronic book readers now available, sales of physical hardcover or soft cover books are now seeing a sharp rise again. They’re a great gift for a book-loving friend, as although they won’t necessarily involve a large outlay, they do show that you’ve put a lot of thought into the present, and selected a writer or genre that you know they’ll enjoy. Books are also perfect for summer, as what could be better than lying back in your garden or on a beach, with a great story unfolding page by page?

Beautiful handcrafted candles, a bottle of stunning sparkling wine or a great book that grips you from the first page to the last are unbeatable summer gifts for someone who brightens up your life. They aren’t overly expensive, but they are filled with love, and perfectly reflect that happy feeling we get when we step outside on a warm, sunny, summer day.