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5 Tips to a Stress-Free Long Distance Move

Relocating homes to embrace new opportunities, try a lifestyle change-up, or to be closer to loved ones, is difficult, regardless of it’s initiating circumstances. If your relocation involves moving to a new city or state, things can get complicated without the right support.

Air 1 Moving & Storage has been part of the Los Angeles moving scene for over 20 years. They have the experience, skills, and know-how to get moves done! Their expert tips on how to prepare for and happily survive, a long distance move is an essential read when crafting your stress-free moving experience.

Stress-Free Moving Tip 1: Use the Right Moving Company

Choose Experience

When sourcing a moving company make sure to choose one that is knowledgeable and experienced in the type of move you’re planning. Check references and search reviews online for the good, the bad, and sometimes ugly, feedback. When selecting a company to entrust your belongings and valuables with, take care to enjoy peace of mind with your choice.

Choose Professional

Moving companies have skilled assessors that evaluate and determine what services are needed for an effective move. Professional assessments include a visit to a client’s home, long before moving day. Re-think a moving company that provides quotes over the phone; chances are there will be unexpected fees or charges as the truck pulls away.

Choose Caring

Relocation companies that care for clients and their belongings will have guarantees to keep client’s valuables safe. Adequate employee screening and thorough employee training are essential for the secure handling and movement of belongings.

Stress-Free Moving Tip 2: Pack Properly

Use the Right Material

Invest in good-quality moving boxes that are designed to carry your personal belongings safely. Moving boxes offered by most moving companies are made of durable cardboard, they are intended to handle being jostled and stacked for the duration of a long-distance move.

Use a Permanent Marker

Create an inventory list for every box you pack and label the boxes accordingly. Confusion and chaos will be minimized at the delivery time if you have a list of your boxes and their contents. Knowing what you’ve moved will help ensure everything is ultimately accounted.

Wrap it Up!

Properly pack belongings, so they arrive in the same condition f they left in requires consideration and planning. Avoid common packing mistakes, and if the thought of packing is causing stress, enlist professional packing services to make your move smooth and easy!

Stress-Free Moving Tip #3: Insure Your Move

Insure Your Belongings

Purchasing moving insurance when tackling a long-distance move is a wise choice. Moving insurance is often provided by your moving company at an additional, but valuable cost. Accidents and incidentals do happen, don’t leave yourself on the hook if the unexpected happens.

Insure Your Property

Transitioning from one property to another can expose you to unexpected liabilities not covered by most home insurance policies, primarily if travel time extends more than ten days. Be aware of what your home policies cover for both properties in the interim stage of moving when they are both unoccupied.

Insure Your Travel

Add traveler’s insurance as part of your moving expenses, especially when undertaking long distance moves or switching insurance providers. Traveler’s insurance will protect yourself and family while traveling from one home to another and may be valuable while you settle into your new home and insurance provider.

Stress-Free Moving Tip#4: Get the App (or three!)

With unlimited mobile applications available to help us hack through life, it’s no surprise there are some great apps to lean on when planning a clever and seamless move. Having all moving information conveniently at your fingertips is a benefit you can “app” on.

Use Sortly to Get Sorted

Sortly, an app to create a visual inventory of your belongings, and help you keep track of them, could be the personal assistant your move has been dreaming of! Sortly can keep your move organized and easily share information with your moving providers or other people who need to be kept in the know.

Update with Updater

Save time, frustrations, and maybe even a few coins by using the Updater app to keep all your service providers updated. The completely free app can be used to connect/disconnect TV and internet, connect utilities, and even forward your mail to your new address.

Stress-Free Moving Tip #5: Keep Essentials With You


Keep documents you can’t easily replace with you while you’re on the move. Birth certificates, medical insurance papers, or other sensitive documents should be part of your personal effects and considered as essential as medications, electronics, or a favored blankie.

Cleaning Supplies

Arriving at your new home should be exciting and welcoming, but if your new abode wasn’t left in good condition by previous residents, it could be a rough start. Keep necessary cleaning supplies with you just in case your arrival experience isn’t as sparkling as was hoped.

When a long-distance move is the only thing between you and the next phase of your life, take the right steps to plan a move that will ease your transition into your new location. Hiring the right professionals is a key step to make your move simple, straight-forward and right for you.

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