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How to Care for Your Teeth as a Young Adult

Being a young adult can be a worrying time for your teeth. Not only are you freed from the routine and the oversight of your parents when you move out to college or into your own place, but you’re likely to be leading a lifestyle in which you drink more alcohol, and expose your teeth to more harmful substances over time. In this article, then, we’ll look at the life of a young adult, providing some key tips to help you adjust your lifestyle to protect your teeth – avoiding worrying visits to the dentist in the future.

Cleaning Discipline

You need to continue cleaning your teeth every morning and evening without fail. For some people this is a no-brainer tip; for others, there’ll be a guilty feeling that they sometimes fail to perform this care ritual throughout the week. Here are some tips to help you keep on top of your brushing:

  • Pack a toothbrush in your bag in case you stay round a friend’s house
  • Buy a toothbrush for your partner’s house, so you can wash your teeth while there
  • Set a reminder on your phone in the morning if you sometimes feel you’re in a rush
  • Before bed, even if you’re tired and about to pass out, get yourself into the bathroom for a brush
  • Putting simple rules in place will help you to keep up your cleaning discipline, which – as a young adult – will carry you through your life without many dental issues setting you back.

Wisdom Teeth

As a young adult, you’re in your prime. You’re feeling healthy, fit, and full of energy with which to conquer the world and make your dreams come true. But, it just so happens that you’re also in the prime period of time at which your wisdom teeth grow out, leaving you in pain and suffering considerably if they’re particularly violent in their growth.

This change in your mouth is nothing to be concerned about: it’s perfectly natural to have wisdom teeth pain. What you need to do, though is to find a dentist who will help you extract and remove painful teeth like, so that you can live your young life without constant oral pain.


Millions of people across the US choose to have whitening performed on their teeth across the months and years of their lives. There are dozens of ways to achieve whiter teeth – including changing your toothpaste, asking your dentist to perform a particular procedure on you, or by extending your oral care regime to include a whitening period for your teeth.

The tip here is to be careful for your teeth. White teeth don’t necessarily equal healthy teeth – and by bleaching or artificially making your teeth whiter, you might simply be covering over a real problem in your oral health which it is important that you attend to. Never whiten your teeth without the advice and recommendations of a dentist to back up your plans.

Young adults sometimes need reminding how valuable and important their teeth are – and this guide should have achieved that in three simple tips.