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15 Surprising Facts About Texas Olive Oil from the Hill Country

Texas olive oil is extracted from olives by pressing them through mechanical or chemical means. It has its roots in the Mediterranean region and is being utilized in every field, sector, or industry. Commonly incorporated in cooking, for frying foods, or as a salad dressing, it is immensely appreciated for its versatility. Apart from this, it is also being increasingly used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and soaps. The fame of this golden liquid is far-fetched which is why many companies such as Texas Hill Country Olive Co. are competing in the production of it.

It’s ironic how so much has been written about olive oil, its taste, production techniques, nutritional values, history, and more, yet people are not well-aware of its facts and figures. This article brings some easily digestible pieces of data on this amazing product, stating authentic and scientifically proven facts alongside historical beliefs, nutritional and health information, and digging into some cool, fun realities.

So, let’s begin!

  1. The United States is the third-largest consumer of olive oil globally, after Spain and Italy. In 2019, the U.S.A was reported to consume 331,000 metric tons of it. That’s three-fold the amount of olive oil consumed in Greece, the fourth-largest producer worldwide.
  2. Texas olive oils produced by Texas Hill Country Olive Co. are grown with award-winning varieties of olive that are grown onsite at a picturesque olive orchard in Dripping Springs.
  3. Olive oil production in Texas is booming! The Texas olive oil produced by Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is brilliantly combined with other products which makes it ideal for adding flavor to salads, veggies & grilled meats, or seafood. Some of them include: Garlic Infused, Jalapeno Infused, Lemon Infused, Blood Orange Infused, Basil and Rosemary Infused olive oil.
  4. This wondrous product is incredibly versatile. Its usage is not just restricted to cooking or for seasoning salads, it also delivers an array of health benefits including acting as a natural conditioner for the hair and skin, reducing any sort of blemishes on the face as well as signs of aging. Because it’s packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, minerals, and good fats, it helps rejuvenate the dull, withered skin by returning its shine and radiance. Thanks to the vitamin E it contains, skin issues like inflammation, acne, and dryness can also be treated with Texas olive oil.
  5. According to the United States standards, there are officially 8 types of olive oil: Extra Virgin (EVOO), Virgin (VOO), Lamp ante Virgin, Refined, Pomace, Refined Pomace, and Crude Pomace. Among all the 8 kinds, extra virgin Texas olive oil takes the trophy for being the best and healthiest one, while other types such as Lamp ante are not even edible.
  6. Extra Virgin oils of Texas Hill Country Co. come in several varieties such as Solla Stella, Terra Verge, Texas Miller Blend Extra, Super Greek, and much more.
  7. Solla Stella Extra Virgin is the most popular form of Texas olive oil. Often expressed as buttery and delicate, this version is rich in flavor making it the perfect base for cooking or baking.
  8. Terra Verde Extra Virgin is a handmade blend of organic olives which are harvested separately and then blended. This gives the oil a naturally balanced flavor with floral notes and a slightly peppery finish. 
  9. Texas Miller Extra Virgin is a strong oil with a rich aroma and taste of herbaceous. Notes of artichoke and fresh-cut grass make this oil an ideal choice for enhancing the flavor of the food. People can use it for anything, from sautéing to making sauces to drizzling some on to the dishes for extra shine and taste.
  10. This multipurpose oil can also be used in several ways around the house: to polish stainless steel appliances, shine shoes and boots, varnish wooden furniture, protect razor blades, remove car grease, lubricate squeaky doors, clean leather chairs, unstick tight rings, and much more.
  11. Rosemary Infused Texas olive oil is a fusion of cold-pressed olives and natural rosemary extract which is excellently blended. Perfect for pork, lamb, and chicken dishes. Apart from this, because of its aromatic and rich rosemary flavor, it qualifies as an amazing bread dipper.
  12. Like Rosemary, Basil Infused Texas olive oil is a combination of cold-pressed olives and fresh basil extracts perfectly mixed together to give a beautiful, pungent flavor. People can use it to pour some on the pasta, as a marinade or vinaigrette on the salad.
  13. Another fusion is the Blood Orange Infused oil. Similar to the other infusions, this oil is also a combination of the most organic, fresh blood orange essence with cold-pressed olives to make an appetizing blend. Thanks to its fresh flavor, it goes well as a salad dressing as well as can easily enhance fish, chicken dishes, vegetables, and baked goods.
  14. Interestingly, Texas olive oil is extremely useful when it comes to making delicious dips. With just a little water and some Extra Virgin or Crushed Olive Oil, a perfect dip is created for fresh bread. The use just doesn’t stop here, drizzle some over the pasta for an incredible pasta sauce or pour over warm toasted bread with Ricotta to make a mouthwatering bruschetta. It can also be used for seasoning chicken, beef, pork, or lamb.


All over the world Texas olive oil has garnered immense appreciation. Through these facts and figures, the beauty of this oil from Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is quite visible. Shedding light on the facts of such a masterpiece was vital to let people know the qualities of the oil that’s so common in the market and households yet so rarely benefitted from.

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