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Mumbai: A Place of Magic

If you’re looking for an exotic vacation destination with a rich culture and history, Mumbai might be the place for you. This vibrant Indian city is packed with incredible sites as well as a unique cultural scene featuring various festivals and celebrations that have the potential to make your vacation both entertaining and meaningful. 

The delight of Mumbai is how accessible it is while still maintaining a sense of newness. Historically a major port city when the city was established by English colonizers and called Bombay, Mumbai still sees heavy international traffic, but preserves a unique character. Tourists and photographers in Mumbai will find an abundance of interesting sites and activities while on vacation. 

A good place to begin a trip to Mumbai is at the Gateway of India. The arch was completed in 1914 and has become an important landmark for the city of Mumbai as well as the country of India as a whole. Make sure you include photographs of the impressive arch and its stunning architectural design in your vacation pictures.

In order to get a real cultural experience of Mumbai, you have to visit some of the city’s markets. Famous for the bright colors and abundance of foods, the Crawford Market is one of the biggest and most popular of Mumbai’s markets. It can be a bit overwhelming and hectic with so many vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables, handmade goods, souvenirs, and household items, but it’s one of the best places to soak up the atmosphere of the city.

The history of Mumbai brings together a combination of religions and traditions, which are reflected in some of the city’s landmarks. Built in 1842 by the British, the Afghan Church is a fantastic building with stunning stained-glass windows and a tower that reaches 60 meters in height. Another impressive religious building is the Knesset Eliyahoo Synagogue, constructed in 1884 by the Jewish community of Mumbai. Make sure you don’t miss the Global Vipassana Pagoda, a Buddhist temple which is famous for being the largest dome in the world to be unsupported by pillars. It’s a defining landmark of Mumbai, and an excellent place to include in a photography vacation.

Although Mumbai may be a large and bustling city, there are places for nature lovers to find some peace and serenity. Mumbai is in fact home to the largest park in the world inside of the limits of a city: Sanjay Gandhi National Park. This immense green space has walking trails, bike paths, plenty of places for picnics, and lots of fantastic wildlife. Take a break from the rush and traffic of the city and come here for an afternoon to refresh and take in the sounds of nature.

When planning a trip to Mumbai, there’s a lot to consider. Being a city of such immense size and opportunity, it might be worth your time to hire a photographer from Localgrapher. With a local at your side, your vacation pictures are certain to capture the best parts of the city, and you can benefit from the tips and advice your photographer can give you. While you won’t be able to bring back the special atmosphere of Mumbai from your trip, you can at least have the photographs that preserve the memories and magic of the city.