Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Find that Summer Fun Year-Round with Kiddie Pools

If you have kids in your life, odds are you have a kiddie pool stored somewhere in your garage. Kiddie pools are favorite accessories for summer fun with little ones. They are inexpensive, surprisingly durable, and provide hours and hours of cool times with lots of laughs and splashes.

At the end of the summer, most of us pack away the kiddie pool in the storage shed or garage, not expecting to use it again until summer returns.  But did you know you can find that summer fun year-round with kiddie pools?

Indoor and out, you can use yours for more than splashing in the sun.

The fun’s not just for the kids.

There are many ways kids can enjoy the kiddie pool year-round, which we will get to shortly.  But did you know adults can find creative ways to use the kiddie pool, too?  You can add an assortment of bottled beer, soda, water, or other beverages of your choice, then pack it with ice for a fun way to serve drinks at a party.

You can also turn on relaxing music and fill your kiddie pool about halfway full with hot water and your favorite foot soak.  Dim the lights, add some rose petals to float on top of the water and have a relaxing foot bath with your significant other.

Kids will love it too.

While you’re not using the kiddie pool as a foot spa or party cooler, give your kids a chance to use it in new ways, too.  You can order light-weight balls that will turn your kiddie pool into an affordable indoor ball pit, providing lots of safe, fun activities on days the kids are stuck indoors.

Your kids can use their kiddie pool indoors as a safe place to play with toys with small parts and accessories that might otherwise be easily lost.  Think about how tiny Barbie doll purses and shoes are. Dumping your kids, their Barbie dolls, and all the accompanying accessories into the kiddie pool keeps the pieces together and prevents loss.

Likewise, imagine how nice it would be to keep all the small lego pieces confined to the inside of a kiddie pool so you won’t inadvertently step on one in the middle of the night.  Kiddie pools make great play mats with sides high enough to keep those small parts contained.

They can also help keep messes contained.  Your kids can sit in the kiddie pool to play with play-doh, putty, paints, glitter, and markers, avoiding unintended stains and graffiti in other areas of your home.

You can devise some fun games to play with the kiddie pool.  Add some small toys, fill the rest of the pool with packing peanuts, and then have your kids search for treasures.  Put blindfolds on your kiddos and see if they can identify by touch only the items they pull out of the pool. 

Use the pool for a ball toss or as home-base in games of tag. Blow up some balloons and see how many your kids can bat into the pool.

Or, if you’re really thinking outside the box, use it for educational opportunities.  Add things like inflated balloons, socks, gloves, or other items, and have your kids practice estimating or counting, whichever is age-appropriate for them. 

Don’t throw shade at the kiddie pool during the offseason.

There are so many creative, fun and easy ways to use your kiddie pool that there is no need to freeze it out during the fall, winter, and spring.  Kids and adults alike can find both fun and practical ways to use your kiddie pool all year long.

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