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Elevate Your Family Photos with These Custom Portraits

Portraits have always been a way for people to express their emotions whether they actually painted the piece or had it commissioned. Putting lifelike copies of people or loved ones on a canvas with the stroke of a paintbrush is not just an activity that brings great aesthetic pleasure, but it also is a way to narrate a story or preserve a piece of history. 

If you’re looking to vamp up a great picture, it is always a great idea to get it made into a customized portrait. It may surprise you to find out how convenient the whole process can be if you know exactly what you want. 

Excited? Let’s go and check it out!

Transform Family Photos into Family Portraits

Family photos are extremely precious as they manage to encapsulate unforgettable moments, for you to carry with you for a long time. With the advancements of communication technology, you can now carry a phone that usually has a camera wherever you go. This means that you can now capture all the instances of crazy family fun without any hassle. 

A lot of people wonder how they can preserve their favorite family photos in a more magical and perhaps more meaningful way. The answer to this dilemma can be utilizing the option of turning your photo to portrait form. It is heartening to know that such a transformation is not as hard as it may seem.

Custom Portraits and How They Are Made

Customized portraits have the power to make your house a home, by elevating ordinary camera photos into works of art. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to walk you through the process of elevating your family photos with the help of custom portraits. 

  1. Find a perfect photo: before you can get a customized portrait made, you must find the perfect family photo to base it upon. To figure out which photo is perfect for use, it is a great idea to evaluate the type of portrait you want to get made. This means that if you want a funny portrait make sure to choose the photo that best encapsulates the fun side of you and your family.
  2. Choose your artist: many people don’t realize how the kind of portrait you have depends on the skill of the artist. Once you have settled on a theme or a photo for your portrait your next goal is to make sure that the artist is able to execute your vision for the portrait well. With the technological advancements, you can even opt for software applications to help transform your photo to a portrait. 
  3. Evaluate the need for revisions: before your custom portrait can be classified as ‘finished’ it is important that you critically look at it and evaluate if it needs any revisions to seem more authentic. 

The Power of Paint

Non-digitized versions of your favorite photos tend to stand out. This is because, no matter how excellent your camera, the medium of paint on canvas has the power to come alive at the touch of an artist’s brush. 

The best custom portraits make the use of various kinds of paint, ranging from long-lasting oil paints to the more versatile acrylics. Some artists have also been found to prefer watercolor paints, which can no doubt give your photographs a touch of whimsicality. 


As you have seen you can make your family photos extraordinary if you get them transformed onto the canvas in the form of a customized portrait. Not only will it add a level of wholesome whimsy to your overall home, but it will also be an excellent way to narrate and preserve the story of your family.