Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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Why Environmental Concerns Should Be a Global Priority

Every country has a priority. People support politicians who can advance their causes. There’s nothing wrong with voting for someone whose priorities are close to your heart. However, it’s also essential to elect leaders who see environmental concerns as a priority. You might not feel the direct impact of environmental issues, but others do. It’s not only within your country but in other places too. We should put into power leaders who understand that global warming is a priority, and we can’t wait anymore. 

Some countries are sinking

Many individuals don’t believe in global warming because it’s too cold in their area. While they feel that way, others don’t. Some countries are rapidly sinking. Island nations lose a portion of their territory each year due to rising sea levels. These people can’t vote in your elections. They also can’t dictate what your environmental policies should be. Therefore, it’s crucial to think about them when you cast a vote.

 We are interconnected

We live on one planet. The changes that happen in one area can impact other places. For example, when massive chunks of ice melt up north, there might be flooding elsewhere. So the trash we throw in open water might end up in other places. We should understand this reality and do the right thing. Start at home. Find ways to recycle used items instead of throwing them away. You can also work with a reputable recycling company like Langley Recycling to guarantee that your trash ends in the right places. 

We can only make a considerable impact through global actions

There are international environmental accords because leaders understand that changes can only happen through massive efforts. Lowering carbon emissions isn’t an easy feat. However, the slightest drop in the emission rate has an enormous impact across the globe. We can only achieve it if several nations promise to do their share in solving the problem.

We rely on each other

For the past decades, we have relied on each other for resources. Some places might be rich in agricultural products, but they don’t have sufficient mineral resources. In other places, it’s the other way. Importing and exporting of goods is already the norm. Even countries that are thousands of miles apart have trade agreements. So when one country faces a terrible environmental problem, the economic partners might suffer. Eventually, the rest of the world will feel the impact. It might even lead to a recession. 

Let’s not be selfish

When we make decisions, let’s not only consider ourselves. Don’t look at what’s going on in our immediate circle. Instead, let’s try to broaden our perspectives. We have to realize that many people suffer because others don’t seem to care. Environmental concerns have a global impact and might take years to solve. The good thing is it’s not over yet, as we can still do something to change this reality. It entails international cooperation.

Start at home and convince others to help out. It will have a domino effect, and everyone will take part. It starts by electing people who have a genuine concern for environmental issues. 

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