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8 Pieces of Advice Concerning Catholic Marriage & Dating

What makes Catholic marriage stand out?

Marriage in the Catholic church is different from other types of marriages. It is not only about the wedding ceremonies and Catholic marriage prep. If you want to create a Catholic couple, you should follow specific rules. Here we are going to mention the most important aspects concerning marriage in the Catholic church.

Aspects of Catholic marriage:

Aspect 1. You should have Catholic marriage encounters before you marry.

It means that you should pass a kind of counseling session from the priests or people who serve in the church. They must inform you about your covenant details when you decide to marry a particular woman. By doing such encounters, the priests would make sure you do love your partner and that she does love you as well.

Aspect 2. You should be both Catholics.

If you want to marry her and have a great Catholic wedding, you must accept the same Catholic church marriage symbols like the cross. You, however, must be a true Christian if you want to marry her. Therefore, you might be tested by the priests whether you know the Bible and other Christian doctrines when you are planning to get married.

Aspect 3. You must not have sex before you marry.

It is one of the most essential recommendations if it comes to marriage in the Catholic church. You should not have intimate relationships before you marry her legally. To be more precise, you should register your marriage, firstly, in the governmental authorities, and only then you should come to the Catholic church with a specific document approving your union.

Aspect 4. You should have a job and place to live.

Once you have decided to marry her, you must be able to take responsibility for your family. Meaning, there must be a place to live when you get married. Both of you should work somewhere to make sure you can provide for the family and potential kids. If you are not ready to settle down, you would better wait for some time until you establish your life.

Aspect 5. You should love each other.

By love for each other, we mean that you must be ready to give your life for your partner, even if it is not needed now. It means that you must be able to sacrifice your life and freedom for the best to happen to your fiancee. The bride must also love her husband and be able to obey and serve him just like she serves the Lord.

Aspect 6. You should know how to minister.

Every groom must be able and have actual experience of serving and obeying the Lord. You must live a life of prayer, help others, volunteer in various projects by the church. It means that you must be able to give love without the opportunity to receive it back. Even if someone hurts you, you should not respond to them the same. This is one of the most important principles in the Catholic church if it comes to marriage.

Aspect 7. You must hate the sin.

If you want to have pure Catholic marriage, you must learn how to hate the sin and stop sinning if you still have it in your life. Therefore, you should study the Bible and other Catholic books to get rid of the sin in your life. If you figure it out, you should immediately repent of it. Keeping going to the local Catholic church will help you reveal your sin and confess it to your priest. It would be perfect if your bride practices the same things if she notices some sin in her behavior.

Aspect 8. You should receive the blessing from your priest.

You are supposed to get the blessing from your priest. Therefore, you should visit the premarital encounters and answer all the questions from specific people who serve in your local Catholic church. When the priest blesses you, it means that God blesses you as well.

What should I do if I had sex before marriage with my bride?

The first and foremost thing you both should do is repent of your sin. However, you should do it sincerely. You might confess your sin to your priest and stop committing it one more time. For example, if you lived in a civil union with your bride, you would better move to another flat or house and leave for some time without her. You can talk to her but you must not have sex with her.

What does the word Ā«repentĀ» mean?

This word means that you have to turn away from your sin 180 degrees and begin to move in the opposite direction. The sin means that you did something wrong and you should change your mind and attitude concerning the specific thing you did or do. If you keep the life of sinning, you will not be able to come to heaven when you die. However, if you repent of your sin and start to believe in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, accept Him in your heart, you will be saved and come to heaven when you die. It is important to make your decision while you are still alive. The earlier you do it, the better.

Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is a Son of the Living God who has sacrificed His life for all of us to be saved. If you are a Catholic churchgoer, you must know that no matter how big your sin is, the work of Christ on the Cross is enough. His precious blood has wiped away all the bad things in you. All you need to do is to invite Jesus Christ into your heart and begin a new life with Him.

What is the biggest commandment?

The most important thing for all people to do is to love both God and the person next to you just like you love yourself. It means that, first of all, you should love the Lord, then, you should love yourself, and last but not least, love the person next to you. Loving yourself does not mean being egoistic but it means following Jesus Christ and being ready to lay your life for the person you love.

To conclude

If you really want to have a firm foundation in your life, you should base your life on Jesus Christ. Read the Bible every day and live a life of prayer. Keep on repenting of your sins if you still live in sin. Let Jesus Christ be the Lord in your life. Follow Him and apply His teachings practically. The best foundation for your marriage is the blessing from the Lord and the priest. Once you receive it, you will only need to obey the teachings of God mentioned in the Bible. The more you read it, the more things and wisdom you will get to practice in your life. If you want your marriage to be stable, learn the Bible every day, visit a local Catholic church, and follow the Word of God. It is such happiness to be a child of God and it is such a privilege because it is not you who chose Him, but it is He who chose you!