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5 Small Closet Tricks to Help You Get Organized

How do you make the most of a small closet? These unique storage ideas will help you maximize every square inch!

For many of us, closet space is a limited resource.

We can’t all have room-sized closets like Mariah Carey, after all.

And when you have a small closet, it’s necessary to come up with ways to keep it organized. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a space full of bunched-up clothing and disorganized shoes.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make most of the closet space you have.

We’ve compiled a few tricks that’ll help you keep your closet organized, no matter how small it is.

Check it out:

Optimize Your Top Shelves

Most closets have at least one shelf hanging above the closet rack. But not everyone makes the most of it.

Instead of just stacking clothes on the shelf above the closet rack, make it functional with storage dividers up top and shelf baskets below.

Dividers will help keep clothing folded in small stacks, and hanging baskets will add an extra row of shelves.
Baskets are a great place to store small accessories. You can take it one step further by putting a few small containers in the hanging baskets so you won’t lose smaller items.

Get your shoes off the floor

Unfortunately, shoes can take up a lot of space. It’s easy for them to pile up on the floor and block your pathway.

Putting shelves on the floor will help you wrangle up your shoes and keep them in order.

Setting up shelves will also give you more room to store other things. Remember, it’s all about making use of the space you have.

A lot of companies make stackable shoe shelves, such as The Container Store.

If you have a lot of heels, for example, you may consider keeping a few of your favorite pairs out. You don’t need all ten pairs on your shoe rack.

If you insist on having all of your heels on one shoe rack, you won’t have room for any of your other shoes.

You can store footwear you don’t regularly wear under your bed on a shoe tray.

Another idea is to recycle a wine box and use that for shoe storage. (Sneakers and flip-flops will fit in the compartments.)

Utilize the doors

If your closet has a door and you’re not utilizing it for storage, you should take advantage of this valuable space!

Doors are a fantastic place for hooks and hanging organizers. You can store hats and other accessories that would otherwise take up space in your closet.

It’s easy to hang accessories on the back of your door on a hook or organizer.

Another idea is to hang a shoe holder on the back of your closet door.

It’s a great spot not only to hang random flip-flops but smaller accessories such as sunglasses, gloves, mittens, scarves, and even leggings.

If you’d rather not have anything hanging on your closet doors, you might as well take the doors off to free up more space.

Store out-of-season clothing somewhere else

If you keep all of your sweaters, jackets, and winter boots in your closet, it’ll be challenging making space for your spring and summer clothes.

Keep off-season clothing outside your closet — unless you live in a place where the temperatures stay fairly consistent. Otherwise, it’ll take up valuable space.

As we mentioned above, storing some of your sweaters and long sleeve shirts, for example, on top shelves will certainly help.

Don’t just put random clothing in the top storage dividers, however. Have a plan for space and only keep your sweaters in one area.

If you have sweaters, tee-shirts, and leggings all in one central location in your small closet, you will have a hard time finding what you need later.

Make use of your space, but also make sure it’s functional.

You can also store off-season clothing in totes under the bed or couch. Or, you can put it in a storage ottoman if you don’t have space for it anywhere else.

Add some lights

Want to hear some good news? Lights can help your space look bigger. If you’re dealing with a tiny closet that can be a godsend.

Lights won’t really make the space larger, but it’ll make you and others feel like there’s more room.

If you have a mirror in the back of your closet lighting will be nice because you can see how your outfit looks before you head off to work.

Make sure a long mirror in your closet is worthy of closet space. Remember, the goal is to make use of your space effectively.

Are you still bummed out that your closet space isn’t larger?

Hopefully, this hack and the other tips we mentioned above are giving you some great ideas on how to effectively organize your space.

Plus, if you decide to light up your closet, it’ll give you the incentive to keep your wardrobe clean.

With an illuminated closet, you don’t want clothing and accessories to get dusty or friends who come over to see the dust.

At first, you may get discouraged having a small closet, but instead of throwing in the towel think of it as a fun challenge to get things organized.

It doesn’t matter how small space is. There are always ways to take advantage of a small closet and make it work for you.

Whether you implement shoe racks or hanging accessory bags, thinking outside the box (or in this case, the closet) is key to making a small space work.

If closet space is teeny tiny and you’ve made use of every square inch, you may need to get rid of a few items. For items you can’t bear to part with, you can find other places in your home to store them.

If there’s a will, there’s a way!

Author Bio:

Bobbie Peterson is the regional manager for Affinity 56 and has over 12 years of experience in multifamily. She is so excited to see this community thrive!