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Why Elegear Double Sleeping Pads are the Best Camping Beds You’ll Find

Ask any camping enthusiast and they’ll tell you how important camping gear is for any trip into the wilderness. Experiencing nature and enjoying its beauty is all great, but sleeping under the open sky and hard rocky bed is not as easy as it sounds. While you can’t get the comfort of your beds on a camping trip, there are certain things you can do to make your sleeping arrangements more comfortable. Elegear Double Sleeping Pads for camping are one such innovation that can help you get a better sleep even in the wilds of nature. You can get the Elegear Double Sleeping Pads for discount by using the discount code – 10%  9LRDDCE9 (expiry date: 2027-04-11). While there are plenty of camping beds available in the market, Elegear’s sleeping pads are one of the best products you’ll find. Not only are they great for your body, they’re also good on your budget! Let us take a look at all the amazing features that make Elegear’s pads the best.

Best Features

Strong and Lightweight with Thick Base

The Elegear double sleeping pads are designed to stay away from hard floors and give you a homely atmosphere. Designed like a queen mattress with similar measurements of 79x55x4 inches, this pad is the perfect comfort at night. It is made of ultra thick 40D nylon and thermoplastic polyurethane. This makes it waterproof and tear-resistant. It is also lightweight and can be easily ported to any place you want. This durable and portable sleeping pad is the perfect accompaniment for harsh weather during camping trips.

Unique Drawstring Support Technology

Elegear’s sleeping mats are made with a unique drawstring technology. In this process, the air support unit is split in various parts. This disperses the gravity effectively so that the mattress is evenly stressed. This, in turn, increases the weight-bearing capacity of the pad to 661lbs. As you lie on this pad, your body weight is evenly distributed and the mattress adjusts to your body accordingly, making you feel super relaxed and comfortable. It also comes with an integrated pillow for neck support. What more do you need in a sleeping pad when you’re camping?

Convenient Easily Inflatable Design

What’s the biggest drawback of any sleeping pad? The part where you have to blow your brains out in order to inflate it to your requirements. With most sleeping pads, you need to either blow it with your mouth or use a pump to inflate it. The entire process is tiresome and time-consuming. But with Elegear’s sleeping pads, there’s no more need for the same. With its self-inflatable design, Elegear’s sleeping pads can be inflated within minutes without the hassle of blowing or using pumps. Elegear provides a built-in foot pump that can inflate the pads in 2 minutes. Of course, the speed of inflation depends on your speed of using the foot pump. However, this design gives a good solution to the problem of using pumps or blowing with the mouth.

Whether you’re going camping, hiking, backpacking, or on car trips with family or even having some guests stay over, Elegear’s double sleeping pads are a good solution to all your bedding requirements.