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6 Tips On Matching Watches With Your Outfit

There is more than thinking about the price and size when buying a watch. I mean, the wristwatch you settle on should match well with your outfit.

However, at times, choosing a watch that matches perfectly well with your outfit can be a challenging task. The popular website Btrendie reviewed here watches that you can consider buying when looking for the one that matches well with your outfit.

But you will also need to follow some tips. In this article, you will learn the various tips to consider such as the outfit color, the color of other accessories, the formality of the outfit, watch strap color and material and the value.

The Color Of Your Outfit

Before you can grab your watch in a hurry to the office, consider the color of your outfit. This is what I mean; if you are wearing gray or black clothes, then you would look excellent with a silver watch. Also, dresses with a blue shade will match well.

If you love wearing clothes that have earth tones such as brown, then a gold watch is the perfect match.

The Value

There is no way you are going to wear a very expensive outfit but wear very cheap wristwatch. Well, that doesn’t make sense, right? People can tell just by looking at your watch if it is worth much or little. Again, anyone can estimate how much your outfit cost just by looking at you. If you’re looking to buy a watch for a few hundred bucks, we recommend taking a look at this article by HotRate on the best watches under $500. If you are looking for a luxury wristwatch that would scream your level of sophistication at first sight, a Longines timepiece is no doubt the perfect timepiece for you.

Therefore, it would be good if you consider the value of your outfit so that it matches that of your watch. That is, balance the value.

Formal Outfit

Do you love wearing formal clothes? Or maybe the nature of your job pushes you to wear a formal outfit every day. No trouble.

Consider buying the wristwatch that has a leather strap. You need to be simple when wearing formal attire and that is why a watch with a leather strap is the perfect match for you.

The Color Of Other Accessories

Consider the color of your other accessories when choosing the right watch. Why? The color of your wristwatch and that of your other accessories should match or at least be close to one another. Such accessories include the rings, bangles, belt buckle and the like. Also, remember it is the material that has been used to make the watch that determines its color, right? That is the watch case as well as the strap.

So, ensure that the type of metal used to make the watch matches with the metal used to make the other accessories.

However, the ring here is not the wedding ring but the ring that you wear for beauty purposes.

The Strap Color And Material

Most shoes and belts are made of leather. That clearly means that it would be a good idea to match your wristwatch that has a leather strap with your shoes. However, that is not the end. Consider, too, the color of the leather strap. Is it black or brown? If it is black, a black shoe, as well as a black belt, would do well. Otherwise, brown will match well with a brown belt as well as brown shoes.

Style Of The Outfit

The style of your outfit will determine the type of watch you will need. For example, if you are wearing a sports outfit, you will definitely need a sports or diver’s watch. Wearing a different type of watch will make people think that you are just arrogant and want to show off to them.

So, if the style of your outfit is casual, stick to a watch that matches well with it. If not, go with the wristwatch that agrees with informal styles.

The Parting Point

Don’t be the kind of person who picks any watch and walks out of the house in a rush. Take your time and consider if the outfit you want to wear matches well with your wristwatch.

Nevertheless, though your watch should match your outfit, it would not be ideal to go for a watch that is too big or too small. Let the wristwatch fit well on your wrist. Not only that, but you should also feel comfortable.