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Best Home Decoration Items for Horse Lovers

One of the great things about having your own place is being able to style it to suit your tastes and interests. For some people that may involve say adopting a Meditterean theme, with earthy colors and rustic furniture, or favoring colonial shutters and period furniture; while others show off their passion for something through accessories and soft furnishings.

Here we look at a range of fabulous home decoration items which horse lovers will either love to buy, or be thrilled to receive as a gift. From practical to ornamental, and sometimes simply whimsical – we have it covered here.

Creating a particular room with a horse theme

There are two rooms of any home which lend themselves really well to the equine look – the kitchen and the bedroom. Within this theme there’s a lot of choice – you could go for a more minimalist, artistic horse theme, focus on say a wild west inspired vision, or go all out for ‘everything horse’. You make the rules after all!

How to put together a horse-themed kitchen

For a more modern kitchen you can really let loose and add as much horse related (and shaped) equipment and tools as you like. This could easily include:

  • Mugs– decorated with the type of horses you like best, or even personalized if you have a horse yourself.
  • Coasters- also decorated with horse images.
  • Cookie cutters – because everyone knows cookies taste better when they are shaped like a horse.
  • Salt and pepper pots – which can be in the shape of a horse’s head, or have images of them stuck on instead.
  • Plates– a great talking point, and they display well too.
  • Bottle opener– the head of a horse is perfect for this task.
  • Decorative tins– perhaps better suited to a more traditional kitchen as they usually depict nostalgic items.
  • Hardware hooks – in the shape of a horse’s head

How to put together a horse-themed bedroom

Very committed horse fans may choose to indulge their passion in their own bedroom, or perhaps in a guest room. Children are also likely to enjoy a bedroom with horse décor too, though their chosen style will probably be different from an adult’s taste.

  • Lamps– these can be sophisticated horse head sculptures or prints on a regular lampshade.
  • Bedding and throws– the perfect way to choose a main color theme and use it to select horse-related bed coverings. [Source VisionBedding]
  • Trash can – those covered with a horse picture are great for a child’s room
  • Clock– there’s nothing like a cool clock with a subtle background image of a glorious horse
  • The special tinkling of windchimes weighted by horsehead models is always comforting.
  • Paintings– these look great on bedroom walls, whether framed or on canvas.
  • Curtains with a horse print are often a favorite accessory amongst teenagers.

If you’d prefer just a touch of horse in your home décor look for a horse’s head doorknocker, or coat hooks, or perhaps even a few scatter cushions with a nice horsey image.