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6 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Shower Enclosure

Keep in mind the budget, bathroom space, glass type, matching shower hardware, accessibility & functionality before choosing a glass shower enclosure.  

Your bathroom is arguably one of the most used rooms, that is why it also needs to be relaxing and soothing to the eyes. A glass shower enclosure can oomph the luxe factor of your bathroom

A glass shower enclosure imparts an artistic appeal. However, to install it, you need to consider various factors. You need to address many aspects, starting from the budget to the placement, space allocation, hardware used, light intensity, etc. Deciding to renovate your bathroom by installing a glass shower enclosure will also require hiring a professional & you need to pay hefty prices.

The factors that will need consideration before installing a glass shower enclosure or updating your existing one are-

1. Budget Allocation

Preparing a budget is the primary aspect of undertaking any renovation project, no matter how simple or complex it is. You need to be ready with a hefty budget because installing a glass shower enclosure is not cheap. Many factors directly impact the budget allocation.

First, you need to buy the required enclosures & tools for the renovation. Then comes the installation cost, labor cost, transportation cost. 

If you want to update an existing one, you need to demolish it first & then start renovating. So, there will be additional costs.

The enclosures cost will vary too. The prices can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars based on complexity & design types. There are some details you need to finalize. 

When choosing the best Shower Enclosure, you have to consider the type of glass, kind of enclosure, finishes on the enclosure, etc. which will determine the final cost.

The installation process also varies. The more complexity or features you add, the more you have to pay. If you want to install a customized glass shower enclosure, the price will rise significantly. 

2. Adequate Bathroom Space

There’s one crucial part most people miss out on & that is the functionality & space of your bathroom. So, ask yourself if installing a glass enclosure will meet your need? If you have a positive vibe, then go ahead.

Another crucial factor is to consider the existing static footprint in your bathroom. If the glass enclosure doesn’t support your bathroom’s configuration, it will be a waste of money to install it. 

Again, if you are satisfied with the foundation & movement space, choosing a glass shower enclosure will be easier for you. Building on the footprint of your bathroom will not cost you much compared to a total renovation.

However, an in-depth glass enclosure will add more aesthetic appeal to the house, increasing the cost & estimated finishing time accordingly.

3. Decoration Styles

There are many designs available. You can easily choose your perfect glass shower enclosure from those. You can go for boxy rectangles or a curved semicircular one that suits your mood & personality. 

While choosing a style, make sure it complements your design scheme. Otherwise, you may end up having an odd combination in the bathroom. But if you choose the right one it can certainly make your bathroom look luxurious.

That said, you can choose from the ones mentioned here as they have been long known for their aesthetic appeal & functionality-

  • Bypass Shower Doors

The bypass shower doors are space-efficient, as they don’t require the space to swing open like the handled or pivot ones. These are also known as tub enclosures. 

They may have one side sliding or both side sliding on track of a set pane. They are similar to a sliding patio.

If your bathroom is lacking space, going for a bypass shower door can be an excellent choice.

  • Hinged, Sliding Doors

These types of doors don’t support tubs. If you are looking for a standalone shower, then it’s for you. However, to install a hinged or pivot shower enclosure, you will require larger space than the bypass shower doors. They are comparatively expensive too.

  • Framed Doors

The framed doors come with different types of aluminum coats such as painted, finished & of different colors. The glasses of these framed doors are usually thin, ranging between 3/16  or ¼-inch. Stand up & sit down showering facilities are both available in such glass shower enclosures.

  • Frameless Doors

Frameless doors are almost similar to the framed ones. However, they don’t contain any frames. Thus the thickness of the glasses is more than the framed glasses. 

Usually, the thickness ranges from ⅜ to ½ inches. They are the most costly glass shower enclosures.

4. Shower Glass Types

Compared to the enclosure designs, the glass types also vary a lot. No matter which glass you select, prioritize the safety glazing. Usually, two main types of glasses are popular, namely tempered glass & laminated glass.

Tempered glass is the most used one. When it breaks, it takes the pellet forms rather than falling into shards. Thus, it can increase the risk of severe injuries upon breaking.

Laminated glasses are two safety glazing glasses joined by a plastic interlayer. When the glass breaks, it doesn’t fall because the plastic layer holds the broken glasses in one place. However, because of the accumulated moisture in the bathroom, this layer weakens over time. 

So, choosing a tempered glass is the best bet between these two.

5. Shower Hardware

You can customize shower hardware, too, like the glass enclosures. There are plenty available to customize the shower hardware. 

You can bring uniqueness to the bathroom by changing faucet finishes, cabinet handles, even the towel bars.

All these changes can match with your shower hardware & create a unified look. However, when you decide on changing the handlebars & tracks, make sure they complement the bathroom’s existing furniture & color scheme.

6. Prioritize Functionality & Foot Traffic

Choosing to install a glass shower enclosure should facilitate your bathroom’s daily uses besides serving aesthetic purposes. Your glass enclosure should be usable by the kids & elderly persons of your family too. Otherwise, it will fail to serve the functionality purpose. 

Final Thoughts

Before installing a glass shower enclosure, do thorough research about the materials & the wear-and-tear resistance. Choosing a glass door that can endure constant daily use is a must.