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Discover 7 of the Best Dip Nail Styles for Spring

Spring is one of the best seasons of the year. Not only does the sun start to shine for longer but all the blossoms start to emerge too. The world simply seems to be more colorful and we are loving every second of it.

With colors popping out all over the place, why not equally have them on your nails too. Spring is the perfect time of year to get out your DIY  dip nails powder kit and play around with some of the best styles for this colorful and bright season.

While you can always get a great color scheme and style going with gel or acrylic nails, dip powder nail art allows you to really get great value from the time and effort you put into the style. These designs tend to last for up to three to four weeks and you do not even need to go to a salon to have salon-worthy results thanks to not needing a UV lamp sealant treatment.

The dip powders allow you to layer up the different color tones and hues to create some classic spring nail styles. To help get you inspired, we have rounded up all the top nail dip styles you should try out this season.

1. Florals and Pastel Hues

Pretty in pink is totally a thing this spring. What is prettier with pink than some stunning floral designs too? Make your nails really blossom this season and combine the two for a beautiful style that will be very on-trend.

First, dip your nails into a soft pastel pink and layer it up. Once you get to the top coat, add on a floral design to one to two fingers per hand before you seal it all off. The simple addition of the flowers on just a few fingers will really make your hands look pretty in pink all season long. Or, you could go one level up and add actual dried flowers to your nails before adding the final sealant layers.

2. Neon Hues and Stick On Prints

Another great style that is something you certainly should try on for size this season is the neon hues with an added stick on print design. First, the vibrant neon colors will really glow in the sun and add some excitement to the season. Then, the addition of an intricate stick on print to the vibrant hue will let your design of choice pop. It could range from lighting bolts to stars and abstract lines. The main thing is, you can really have fun with this style.

3. Shine Bright with Metallic

Another way to really brighten up your season this spring is by getting into the metallic dip nail trend. This has gone mainstream since fashion week took this style by storm on the runways. Nothing quite looks cooler than a metallic nail and the gold or silver hues bouncing off whatever type of outfit you are rocking for the day. Metallic is bold enough to make a statement while also subtle enough to not be overstated.

4. Make Your Nails Bedazzled

One of the best parts of a nail dip manicure is that the color you choose will be strong and vibrant—lasting for weeks on end. This makes it easy to then upgrade your manicure with a literal bedazzle. You can add on real rhinestones or gems to make your nails truly sparkle all season long. We could all use some magic and sparkle in our lives and this is one of the best ways to do just that.

5. Stay Simple

While we are always for the out-there designs, another great style to try out this season is the straightforward and simplistic style. The French manicure and natural hues are a great way to embrace your natural beauty and keep things simple this season. The best part about staying simple with your nail dip powder design is that your nails will literally go great with everything. So no matter what outfit you wear, you will be rocking it elegantly and simplistically.

6. Experiment with Abstract

Another fun way to add some vibrancy to your spring is to play around with abstract colors and designs. Why not try multiple different colors on each hand—or even each nail? Embrace your funky side this spring season and have fun playing around with contrasting color hues that will make your manicures super cool and trendy.

7. Pearly and Graceful

Another elegant design to try this season is the pearl look. Choose a neutral or soft nail dip powder hue and then add some actual pearls to the top coat. This simple and timeless stone will make your nails look timeless, chic and beautiful.


With so many different styles to choose from, what nail dip powder look will you go for this spring?