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50 Best Propose Quotes For Valentine Day

50 Best Propose Quotes For Valentine Day

“Marry me, Kiara,” he blurts out in front of everyone. “Why?” she asks, challenging him. “Because I love you,” he says, walking up to her and bending down on one knee while he takes her hand in his, “and I want to go to sleep with you every night and wake up seein’ your face every mornin’, I want you to be the mother of my children, I want to fix cars with you and eat your crappy tofu tacos that you think are Mexican. I want to climb mountains with you and be challenged by you, I want to argue with you just so we can have crazy hot makeup sex. Marry me, because without you I’d be six feet under … and because I love your family like they’re my own … and because you’re my best friend and I want to grow old with you.” He starts tearing up, and it’s shocking because I’ve never seen him cry. “Marry me, Kiara Westford, because when I got shot the only thing I was thinkin’ about was comin’ back here and makin’ you my wife. Say yes, chica.” ― Simone Elkeles, Chain Reaction

“Not like this. He wanted it to be real.” ― Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire

“I was a Flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.” ― James Joyce, Ulysses

“You are mistaken, Mr. Darcy, if you suppose that the mode of your declaration affected me in any other way, than as it spared the concern which I might have felt in refusing you, had you behaved in a more gentlemanlike manner.” (Elizabeth Bennett)” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

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“Married?” she practically screeched, not sounding all that pleased, which left him feeling a little offended. “We’re not getting married.” He snorted at that. “I may have let you have your naughty little way with me for the past couple of months, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to allow you to keep treating me like some dirty little boy toy. If you want to live with me then I expect you to put a ring on my finger,” he said, holding up his left hand and wiggling his ring finger to punctuate his words.” ― R.L. Mathewson, Perfection

“Either you go to America with Mrs. Van Hopper or you come home to Manderley with me.” “Do you mean you want a secretary or something?” “No, I’m asking you to marry me, you little fool.” ― Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca

“I know you think I was pressured into binding myself with you before, but that’s not true,I always intended to marry you, kitten.” ― Jeaniene Frost, At Grave’s End

“Dear Miss Independent,  I’ve decided that of all the women I’ve ever known, you are the only one I will ever love more than hunting, fishing, football, and power tools.  You may not know this, but the other time I asked you to marry me, the night I put the crib together, I meant it. Even though I knew you weren’t ready. God, I hope you’re ready now.  Marry me, Ella. Because no matter where you go or what you do, I’ll love you every day for the rest of my life.  —Jack” ― Lisa Kleypas, Smooth Talking Stranger

“I looked over at him. “Is that a proposal?”  There was total silence for a couple beats. “I’m not sure. It just popped out.”  “Let me know when you’re sure.”  “Would you say yes?” Morelli asked.  “I’m not sure.” ― Janet Evanovich, Fearless Fourteen



“As a matter of fact, she has refused to marry me.” “So when’s the wedding?” Ramsey asked.” ― Julie Garwood, Ransom

“Mendanbar took a deep breath. “You could stay here. At the castle, I mean. With me.” This wasn’t coming out at all the way he had wanted it to, but it was too late to stop now. He hurried on, “As Queen of the Enchanted Forest, if you think you would like that. I would.” “Would you, really?” “Yes,” Mendanbar said, looking down. “I love you, and—and—” “And you should have said that to begin with,” Cimorene interrupted, putting her arms around him. Mendanbar looked up, and the expression on her face made his heart begin to pound. “Just to be sure I have this right,” Cimorene went on with a blinding smile, “did you just ask me to marry you?” “Yes,” Mendanbar said. “At least, that’s what I meant.” “Good. I will.” Mendanbar tried to find something to say, but he was too happy to think. He leaned forward two inches and kissed Cimorene, and discovered that he didn’t need to say anything at all.” ― Patricia C. Wrede, Searching for Dragons

“It was absolutely necessary to interrupt him now. ” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

“It wasn’t a meaningless act for me either,” Marcus said, his raspy whisper tickling her ear. “Yesterday I finally realized that all the things that I thought were wrong about you were actually the things I enjoyed most. I don’t give a damn what you do, so long as it pleases you. Run barefoot on the front lawn. Eat pudding with your fingers. Tell me to go to hell as often as you like. I want you just as you are. After all, you’re the only woman aside from my sisters who has ever dared to tell me to my face that I’m an arrogant ass. How could I resist you?” His mouth moved to the soft cushion of her cheek. “My dearest Lillian,” he whispered, easing her head back to kiss her eyelids. “If I had the gift of poetry, I would shower you with sonnets. But words have always been difficult for me when my feelings are strongest. And there is one word in particular that I can’t bring myself to say to you…’goodbye’. I couldn’t bear the sight of you walking away from me. If you won’t marry me for the sake of your honor, then do it for the sake of everyone who would have to tolerate me otherwise. Marry me because I need someone who will help me to laught at myself. Because someone has to teach me how to whistle. Marry me, Lillian…because I have the most irresistable fascination for your ears.” ― Lisa Kleypas, It Happened One Autumn

“There is no better way to know us Than as two wolves, come separately to a wood.” ― Ted Hughes

“Very well,” Beatrix said reluctantly. “But I warn you, they may be resistant to the match.” “I’m resistant to the match,” Christopher informed her. “At least we’ll have that in common.” ― Lisa Kleypas, Love in the Afternoon

“I don’t know which is worse – to have somebody you DON’T like ask you to marry him or NOT have some one you DO like. Both are rather unpleasant.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Emily Climbs


“It’s a good thing you’re an aging orphan,” he murmured, gently pushing the hair away from her face. “I don’t have to wait around to get anyone’s permission.” “Permission for what, you rat bastard?” she said. “Such language, dragon. I’m afraid you’re going to have to marry me.” ― Anne Stuart, The Devil’s Waltz

“I promise to stand by you, to hold you up when you’re about to fall, and to always keep you safe. I never believed there was a girl out there for me. Until I met you. You changed everything. And I never want to live without you. I love you more than I ever thought possible.” ― J. Sterling, The Game Changer

“I have come to realise that your are the most important person in the world to me, and I wanted to know if you would consider… if you would do me the honour of becoming my wife” ― C. Allyn Pierson, Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister

“She tugged warningly on his shirt. “I am serious! Are you going to marry me, Sean? Finally?”  He smiled, and the light of his smile filled his eyes. “Damn it, Elle! Will you not let me take the lead? Ladies do not propose marriage!”  ~Sean O’Neill & Eleanor de Warenne” ― Brenda Joyce, The Stolen Bride

“Say yes, Jenny. Promise you’ll marry me. Promise you’ll still be here, driving me crazy and loving me when we’re little and old and surrounded by grandchildren. Promise that you’ll let me love you until I take my last breath. Promise.” ― Maggie Osborne, The Promise of Jenny Jones



“I believe the way to solve this dilemma is if you marry me, so I’ll always be close by.”  Love swelled up in her heart. “I think I can manage that.”  “Good, ’cause the way I’ve got it figured, it’s the only way I can stay somewhere in the same vicinity as my balls.”  ~Dryer and Charlotte” ― Lisa Cooke, Texas Hold Him

“If you can open your mouth to say; I love you! To someone without taking such person(s) as your priority, even with your gifts and money, something more important than your freebie is missing out!” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

“I mean to take a good look at any man ere I leap into his arms.’ Then look your fill, and leap away.” ― Charles Reade, The Cloister and the Hearth, Volume Three

“Two days ago, I was trying to decide how to ask him to marry me,” Zane whispered. “Tonight I’m trying to figure out if I can even love someone like him.” ― Abigail Roux, Touch & Geaux

“I never thought much about public displays of “Will you marry me?” It seems more like putting on a show for others rather than an intimate, private and special moment between two people.” ― Donna Lynn Hope

“Dora J. Arod is to Jarod Ora, as yes is to yes. Yes is also the correct answer to “Will you marry me?” Other acceptable answers are Dora J. Arod and Jarod Ora.” ― Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

“If you were a restaurant, I would live to own it” ― Rohan B. Rebello

“I did not ask that question for the fun of it, Am. I love you. Not even death shall step in my way.” ― H. DeBrienne, A Royal Reborn




“You speak of sacrifice, but it is not my sacrifice I offer. It is yours I ask of you,” he went on. “I can offer you my life, but it is a short life; I can offer you my heart, though I have no idea how many more beats it shall sustain. But I love you enough to hope that you will not care that I am being selfish in trying to make the rest of my life–whatever its length–happy, by spending it with you. I want to be married to you, Tessa. I want it more than I have ever wanted anything else in my life.” ― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince

“I pulled out the small velvet box I had kept in my pocket all day and got down on one knee. And then she did the craziest thing. She fell down to her knees in front of me. “I’m the one who’s supposed to be on my knees here. You’re ruining the moment” ― A. Meredith Walters, Light in the Shadows

“He had never thought in his wildest imagination of marriage as an option for him. Never believed there was a woman out there that would make him sign up for that particular brand of madness. And, in the abstract at least, it still sounded like madness but this wasn’t about marriage, it was about Riley. With her, he knew that boyfriend-girlfriend shit wasn’t going to be enough. He had to have her locked down.” ― Nia Forrester, Commitment

Its nice to propose something



“I’m messy and a slob and I like beer a little too much. I work long hours and I like to be outside more than inside. I’m restless and reckless, and yes, I admit, a pervert. Upon occasion. But I love you. I’ve never loved anyone like I love you, Sara. Never will. I want to be with you until I take my last breath, and even when I take my last breath, I want it to be next to you. Please. Redeem my selfish soul and make it better, make me better. Say you’ll be my wife.” ― Lindy Zart, Take Care, Sara

“You are brave and loyal and true. You have such a good heart.” He held my hand close to his chest and covered it with his other hand. “It is only afraid. But I would take such good care of it, love, if you would give it to me.” ― Julianne Donaldson, Blackmoore

“Abruptly, Elliot startles us all by standing and pulling his chair back so it scrapes across the tile floor. All eyes turn to him. He gazes down at Kate for one moment and then drops to one knee beside her. Oh. My. God. He reaches for her hand, and silence settles like a blanket over the entire restaurant as everyone stops eating, stops talking, stops walking, and stares. “My beautiful Kate, I love you. Your grace, your beauty, and your fiery spirit have no equal, and you have captured my heart. Spend your life with me. Marry me.” Holy shit!” ― E.L. James, Fifty Shades Freed



“People spend their lives searching for their one true love, their other half. I found mine in college, dancing in a fraternity house driveway. Lucky for me, she found me right back.” ― J. Sterling, The Game Changer

“Ask me to marry you.”  “Will you marry me?”  “No.” ― John Fowles, The Magus

“I kept trying to explain and he kept shouting until I began to cry from frustration. Then he felt remorseful, which was so unlike him and endearing that I almost changed my mind and said yes. But then I imagined a lifetime of having to cry to get him to be kind, and I went back to no again.” ― Mary Ann Shaffer, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

“I wanted to ask you one day but the time never seemed right, but we started talking and…Hell, I don’t even have a ring. … I’m naked here, bella, just laying myself out for you, telling you how I feel.” ― Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

“It’s very good of you–”  “No, no, not at all. It’s my hobby. Not proposing to people, I don’t mean, but investigating things. Well, cheer-frightfully-ho and all that. And I’ll call again, if I may.”  “I will give the footman orders to admit you,” said the prisoner, gravely, “you will always find me at home.” ― Dorothy L. Sayers, Strong Poison

“Your cousin might be a pretty face, but you, my darling, courageous, maddening, seductive, mysterious, wonderful Diana, you are the Duchess of Wakefield. My duchess.” ― Elizabeth Hoyt, Duke of Midnight

“If I didn’t, would you be happy with someone like me? If we met under different circumstances, would you?” ― Kristine Pierce, You’ll Be Safe Here



“We may propose many plans, let’s but remember that God can dispose our plans, propose a new and better ones and impose them on us!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

“Nick stopped on the sidewalk, pulled a ring from his pocket, and handed it to Kate. “Your wedding ring.”  It was a platinum band inlaid with diamonds. Simple but elegant.  Kate put the ring on her finger. “That’s got to be the least romantic proposal in history. Where did you steal this?”  “I bought it,” he said.  “That must have been a new experience for you.”  “It was. Cost me ten grand.” He slipped a matching platinum band onto his finger. “I want that ring back when this marriage is over.”  “No way,” she said. “You can keep the dishes.” ― Janet Evanovich, The Chase

“so are you going to marry me or what?” He smiled that smile that had been making me feel something like drunk these past few months, and I felt all my sensibility and reason start to beat their wings as they prepared to fly away. Again.” ― Dorothy Koomson, The Woman He Loved Before

“If you offer some good plans to a person and you face the rejection, don’t ever mind bad. When you planned something for a person, a person may, too was planning something for himself. To speak openly, even your sincere offering to God is too experience a rejection. Don’t you remember the phrase “Man proposes and God disposes”.” ― Manish Kathuria

“I,” I start, and she turns to look at my lips moving, rehearsing for some grand proposal. “I think it’d be good idea if you brought a few books over and left them on my shelf.” I’m a writer, and this is as good as it gets. She didn’t need a ring, just the ability to borrow a bookmark whenever she needed, or unwritten or unspoken permission to take my copy of Cecil Brown’s The Life and Loves of Mr. Jiveass Nigger with the original cover.” ― Darnell Lamont Walker, Book of She

“I’m marrying you, not your uterus.” ― Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

“Now I’ll just have to do without.”  She raised her eyebrows. “I’m sorry?”  Then Maximus did something very strange: he went on one knee before her.  “This isn’t right at all,” he said, continuing to glare as if he found it all her fault.  She sat up. “What are you doing?”  “Artemis Greaves, will you do me the honor of —”  “Are you insane?” she demanded. “What of your father? Your conviction that you must marry for the dukedom?”  “My father is dead,” he said softly. “And I’ve decided the dukedom can go hang.”  “But —”  “Hush,” he snapped. “I’m trying to propose to you properly even without my mother’s necklace.”  “But why?” she asked…  “I know that this is rather disappointing,” he said. “But I intend to make you respectable.” ― Elizabeth Hoyt, Duke of Midnight



“If a man values you, then he does. How long you prolong ‘the chase’ may not necessarily add to or subtract from that. So if you love him and you know he loves you back, then please click the ‘yes’ bottom to his proposal. It is bad to love the wrong person, but worse to cheaply lose the one that loves you right.” ― Olaotan Fawehinmi, If I Were A Girl, I Would Not…

“For the record, the proposal was just a courtesy. You would have been mine regardless. -KANE” ― C.M. Owens, Red Moon Secrets

“Young man, the fact that she did not accept your proposal for a relationship does not define why you should hate her. She may not become your BRIDE, but she can be the BRIDGE you have to cross to the other side with your dreams!” ― Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

“I promise to keep you happy, safe, and in love – for as long as my heart wakes; and as much as you soul takes.” ― Prashant Chopra, The Eyes that drowned Uyuni

“Stunning is the fact that a novel idea proposed by a person ordinary is initially not liked often by his or her friends any, but suddenly many of them like if the same or similar nature work is espoused or endorsed by a wealthy person of money. Isn’t it cunning?” ― Anuj Somany

“I’d be staring at you and thinking, I should ask, I should ask, I should ask; do you want to be in a stable monogamous relationship for the rest of your life?” ― Sachin Kundalkar, Cobalt Blue

“Will you marry me?”, I let my soul go… to go meet hers, through her eyes.” ― Prashant Chopra, The Eyes that drowned Uyuni

“Cultivating your value proposition in life is the way to move forward. You are the raw material of your own destiny.” ― Bryant McGill, Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life