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How To Find The Best Battery Powered NERF Machine Gun

Shooting your friends with a NERF machine gun is a dream of every kid or teenager as it is a part of outdoor activity with no age limit. Playing on weekends and holidays for the whole day gives a lot of fun and enjoyment. Trust me, whenever I get time I play with my kids and friends with these machine guns. They are quite cheap and make me feel as if I am shooting a scene for a war movie. They are available in various sizes and various darts numbers. These guns are safe for adults and kids. If you are searching for the best battery powered Nerf machine gun, has all the nerf machine gun models to choose from the exclusive collection. For friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues, who are interested in shooting activities, there is a wide range available.


  1. N Strike Elite-Rampage:- It is a best budget nerf machine gun, simple to operate, ready to aim targets and a capacity to hold 25 darts. It is somewhat heavy but has no issue while firing the darts and getting accurate shots. It has a slamfire feature to face every slam. It is fit for kids (8+ years). These guns can be used anywhere with safety training and exact shooting. This single-shot/Slam fire gun can be used in office areas, at homes, picnics and more.
  2. Hyperfire-N Strike Elite:- This is my favourite nerf machine gun as it can shoot five darts at a time in just a single blow. This sophisticated Nerf gun is fully automatic with sturdy built. It uses 4D batteries and can hold 25 darts in total. You can fire darts with precision up to 90 feet. It is a sporty gun with multiple darts fire ability to claim victory.
  3. Mastodon Gun Strike Mega:- This mega Nerf is a rotating barrel gun that can hold 24 mega darts. It is one of the largest capacity guns. It requires 6D batteries. It can be easily used despite being bulky. It has some jamming issues but works wonders if all the darts are fixed properly into the chamber.
  4. Rapid Strike Gun:- This simple operated machine requires 4C batteries and holds 18 nerf darts. It looks fearsome but can fire all the darts at the same time. It’s spinning design allows you to fire with accuracy. This gun has a good ammunition capacity with a perfect size. It can encounter jamming issues sometimes.
  5. Nemesis MXVII 10k:- This fully automatic gun with flywheel power is available in Blue and Red colours. It has a 100 round capacity with 6D batteries required for operation, which sometimes run down, hence it is suggested to go in for the rechargeable Nerf batteries pack. It can be reloaded very easily.
  6. Terradone (Combat Creature):- This is a machine gun that makes a buzzing sound while shooting. It is featured with a battle drone that can fire shots in all directions. It is a remote-controlled machine with a hand=held controller that helps in changing directions while firing darts. It can hold 12 darts and shoot them up to 45 feet. It has six legs to enhance its movement up to 360°. This drone can run on

Terrains, rough surfaces, climb over cables, carpets and many bumps. It comes with easy assembling, battery fitting, and 12 months warranty.

Conclusion:- After learning about the various models of fully automatic nerf machine guns, it would be easier for you to choose the right product to fire darts for shooting games with your friends, family and cousins. Whenever you tend to have a nerf battle, shield yourself with machine guns that are easy to carry while playing or running with good dart capacity and long-lasting battery pack (rechargeable battery pack) to have a fun-filled outdoor activity.