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Top Benefits of Hydromassage

For many people today, getting a massage is simply considered a luxury, but the healing power of massage spans back years, as does water therapy. Combining the two can be even more effective, and these benefits are then further intensified if the treatments are had regularly, such as soaking in a hot tub.

Hydromassage is a relatively new form of holistic healing that uses high pressure jets of water to massage your skin and stimulate your circulation. Although similar to soaking in a warm tub bath, a hydromassage is much more powerful, and the water that is used in the pool is usually hotter. These powerful jets of water will stimulate your circulation, getting both blood and lymph moving around the body. The heat of the water then also opens and cleansing your pores so not only will your muscles feel great after a treatment, but so will your skin.

This is not a treatment for everyone, so you should always take the necessary precautions and check with a medical professional before taking part. For example, it is not a good treatment for pregnant women, or for young or old people. It is also not usually a very good idea to have a hydrotherapy treatment if you are recently injured or have just had surgery.

If you are unsure if you should be having the treatment, you could always seek the advice of the spa or therapist.

There are so many different benefits to hydromassage, and as it is usually considered a treatment rather than a luxury, it can even have the power to help with a range of different conditions.

1. Improved Skin

Hydrotherapy can improve the circulation of blood around the body, which then in term can help your skin both look and feel healthier. There are also studies which show that it can help people who have a range of other, more series skin conditions such as redness and inflammation, abnormal inflammation and scarring in burn patients.

2. Circulation

As stated in the previous point, hydromassage can help when it comes to circulation, and this can be considered a benefit in itself. In some cases, it has been shown to improve leg circulation even more than the use of compression socks.

3. Heart function

Hydromassage can help with a healthier heart function, therefore even people who suffer from more severe health conditions could get relief by using hydromassage. This has been shown via Russian research, with results after the hydromassage for heart attack patients showed improvement in chest pain and episodes of reduced blood flow became less frequent.

4. Pain Relief

Hydromassage has the ability to relieve many different types of pain as the process works by the tension being kneaded away from the muscles which not only relieves the joint pain but also supports the entire body in the process. The hot tub jets have enough pressure to target your deeper tissues without causing any discomfort. In addition to muscle pain, hydromassage has the potential to help people who suffer from fibromyalgia and other forms of chronic pain. With the ability to adjust the amount of pressure and the jet direction, the hydrotherapy massage program can be altered to meet the needs of the individual.

5. Massage benefits

Seeing as hydromassage is just a massage in water, it is not surprising that it will give you all the benefits that a normal massage would. People get massages for all sorts of reasons, but essentially, they can reduce anxiety, get rid of headaches or be used as a preventative method for headaches, can help digestive issues and soft tissue strains and injuries, have been proven beneficial for sports injuries, and also stress-induced insomnia. We hold a lot of tension in our muscles and other connective tissues when we are stressed, and the water jets can help release this tension, and in doing so will also relax the mind.

6. Body and Mind

As well as all of these additional benefits, you can’t forget the general benefits that a hot tub has on the body and mind. For a start, they can help reduce stress dramatically, giving you time for yourself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where you can fully give yourself the time to do nothing for half an hour, giving you ultimate relaxation. They can also be good for pain relief, as the warm water will help to soothe your aching muscles. It has also been shown that soaking in a hot tub will improve your sleep, as you’ll go to bed feeling more relaxed, and can even give you clearer skin.

Even just 15 minutes enjoying a hydromassage in a hot tub can provide you with some great benefits. Using several times per week or even daily will reap significant health benefits for you and your entire family.

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