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9 Laid-Back Ideas Perfect for Any Day or Night Event

Have you ever noticed how some women have a consistent quality about them that makes them appear both flawless and defined? They are sunshine in human form and give the illusion that the way they dress comes naturally to them. 

And what appears impossible to you appears to be an innate skill to them.

The truth behind this is a no-brainer: These women know what to wear and how to wear it. They have a specific strategy that does most of the guesswork and makes getting ready for any event or occasion a breeze. On the other hand, ladies who cannot pick the right outfit end up on the wrong side of fashion. They usually tend to wear what they can find (without knowing if it looks good or not). There are also those perplexing invitations that request “festive,” “come as you are,” or “outdoor elegant” attire. It’s not rocket science to believe that a sophisticated appearance is ideal for all three situations, but what are the distinguishing features? Then there are themed events— what is a woman to do?

To put an end to this what-do-I-wear dilemma for good, here are a few style tips that will be your guide to attending any event – be it day or night:

  • Let go of straight jeans

Women no longer wear tight and straight jeans in today’s time – some still do, but it is not in “vogue” or “chic” anymore. Hence, you don’t have to limit your jean-preferences to super tight denim.

Today, women are more into wearing split-hem jeans. These are also perfect jeans for curvy women because they don’t just offer a slight bell to the end but can also be worn with various shoes and on multiple occasions. 

If you choose a too-long pair, don’t stress because any tailor should be able to decrease the length and extend the split-hem detail without changing the silhouette’s impact.

  • Create a “Capsule Wardrobe”

Believe it or not, the capsule wardrobe is a life-saver for women who struggle to pick outfits for occasions. It involves a few wardrobe staples, such as an iconic tiny dress, a classic blazer, plain shirts and button-downs, and an easy-going leather or denim jacket. 

The key to looking put-together is to invest in a capsule collection of mix-and-match basics (and learn how to style them).

  • Check that your clothes fit perfectly

Hiring a good tailor is one way to make any clothing look amazing. Tailored clothing not only looks better, but it also feels better. Pants that drag on the floor and dresses that bunch up weirdly will not make you feel fashionable. 

If your capsule wardrobe fits you well, you can begin to experiment with over – and under-sized things in a fashionable, not clumsy, way.

  • Crop tops are always a good choice

Before you roll your eyes and continue scrolling, please hear us out. We’re not saying you should always expose your belly button. Instead, try tops that don’t fall below your hip bones because looking appropriate is essential. It will balance the proportions between your torso and legs, which a tunic cannot do. 

To nail this look, pair it with a skirt that’s cut a little higher on the hip or high-waisted jeans.

  • Tighten your waist 

Drawing attention to the thinnest areas of your body will make almost any item look like it was tailor-made for you. There are many ways to test out this flattering trick. 

Whether you choose a leather belt to the waist of your favorite fit-and-flare dress or put on a blazer with a clever built-in cincher, you can’t go wrong.

  • Never shy away from wearing pointed shoes

Some women are uneasy about wearing pointed-toe shoes because they are unsure whether they are timeless or just a washed-out piece. Despite popular belief, pointed-toe flats and heels are the most popular silhouette for a reason. Why? Because they are incredibly attractive. The elongated style extends the leg length, making you appear longer and sleeker. 

At the same time, the angular toe-shape gives you a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Moreover, if comfort is your top priority, look for pumps that are 3.5′′ or less. 

  • Pantsuits will get the job done

When purchasing a suit, there is a significant practical aspect to consider, especially for events. Pants are more accessible to wear than skirts, jackets offer warmth, and it’s all in one set, so you don’t have to worry about trying to coordinate an outfit. It’s a low-maintenance, high-functioning option. But, more importantly, suits continue to predominate in business, bringing with them inherent feelings of power and strength. They can be compared to a “suit of armor” – something women wear to live like a boss. 

Furthermore, suiting can be intimidating to women because it conjures up images of oversized lapels and shoulder pads from the 1980s. But thankfully, today’s styles are much more feminine and trendier, so try them out.

  • Only wear essential accessories – don’t go overboard

It’s vital to have a variety of accessories on hand to complete your look. And, as is often the case with personal style, less is always more.

A great watch, assorted belts, and a few scarves, along with some classic, quality jewelry, is often everything you need to look hot and laid-back. Remember that a louder look will generally draw attention away from your personality. To avoid over-accessorizing, stick to 1-2 staple pieces per outfit.

  • Play with textures and find what feels best

The days of matching your shoes and handbag are long gone. Contrasting prints and textures create a striking fashion statement. Begin with neutral patterns like stripes and low-key textures like knits and leather, then add paisleys and sequins in small doses (like a clutch, tie, or scarf) until you figure out what works for you.


All in all, these were a few of the best style tips that are not only easy-to-follow but will also help you look stunning, wherever and whenever. Just make sure that you like what you wear – there is no need to dress uncomfortably and ache yourself later. Also, keep the occasion and weather in mind when styling yourself, as this will help you look your best. And finally, have fun with the process- turn it into your own, and see what makes you shine the most.