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Bathing Suit Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2023

Even though we’re in the middle of winter, that doesn’t mean that most people aren’t spending their days dreaming of warmer weather that’s to come. Before spring gets here, it’s a great idea to have a few bathing suits on hand so that when warm weather hits in spring and summer, you’ll be able to enjoy time outdoors poolside, by the beach, or just laying out on your backyard working on your tan. Like all things in fashion, there is an ebb and flow regarding what’s trending, and bathing suits are no exception this year. Keep reading to learn all the bathing suit trends everyone will be wearing in 2023, so you can look and feel your best when the sun comes out to stay.

Hanging by a StringĀ 

String bikinis have been in trend since the 90s, but they come and go as far as how popular they are with the masses. In 2023, the stringier, the better! This year’s summer season will focus on thin strings and feminine details, from crochet bikini tops to bright solid colors. Stringy straps are definitely a look that you wouldn’t be interested in if you’re looking for a modest bathing suit, but it makes a nice even tan as it exposes so much of your bare skin.

Black Bikinis

Name a more iconic color in the world of fashion than black. From top designers to models, black clothing is a staple no matter the season, and this summer, black bikinis will reign supreme at five-star resorts to local swimming pools. You can opt for a higher waist with fuller coverage or even a sports bra style top; you can also stick with the string bikinis trend as mentioned above or anything in between. Flirty ruffle sleeves on a black bikini with high-waisted boy shorts can keep you tucked in and comfortable and give the nod to the vintage bathing suits of the past.

Color Blocking

On the opposite end of the spectrum, from classic black bright, bold colors are a huge bathing suit trend for 2023, but this year they’ll be mixed up with fun color blocking. Mixing greens, oranges, rich blues, and bright pinks in the same swimsuit style gives a fun 80s vibe to your swimwear. Color-blocking bathing suits are a great option if you’ve got a cruise or tropical vacation coming up, and the color blocks pair especially with a deep summer tan, so maybe hang on to your color-blocking towards the end of summer when you’ve reached your preferred golden hue.

Crochet SuitsĀ 

Whether you opt for a bikini or a one-piece, the texture in your bathing suit is huge for this summer season. Crochet suits may not seem practical, and they are best for days where you’re spending time outdoors but not getting wet but acknowledging this on-trend macrame style bathing suit is a must. Crochet bikini tops or even one-pieces look amazing paired with your favorite distressed denim shorts for a Bohemian and beachy vibe, perfect for warm weather.


While only a few daring influencers and celebrities were sporting thong bikini bottoms last summer, the thong is for everyone this year! You may be nervous about rocking a thong on a public beach or at the pool, but remember that every body type is beautiful, and thongs show body confidence, which is the most attractive thing anyone can possess. While some women find thongs uncomfortable, the more you wear them, the easier it is to feel confident and incredibly comfortable. If wearing a thong bikini this summer is something you’re open to, having a nice sarong to wrap your body with as you head to the poolside bar or walk the boardwalk is a great idea.

Bathing suit trends come and go, but keeping your finger on the pulse of fashion and staying current is fine, even with something as simple as a bathing suit. A one-piece in neutral colors like navy, black and white will always be in style, so even if you’re not a fan of the trends mentioned earlier, they are safe bets that will keep you looking and feeling your best all summer long! And while you may not feel like shopping for a bathing suit right now, there is nothing worse than searching for your perfect fit and style when it’s already warm outside, and your size is sold out, so it’s worth looking around online and pulling the plug on buying your perfect summer bathing suit styles now.