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How Long Does It Take to Dry Water Damage?

If you’ve recently experienced flooding in your home, you might be wondering what needs to be done for things to get back to normal. Once the source of the water has been found and contained, the next step would be restoration. Ideally, you’d want to dry out the different rooms and the specific areas that have been affected.

You’re probably wondering how long it takes to dry water damage. There is no definite answer to this question as there will be a couple of variables coming into play. The duration will mostly depend on the severity of the water damage. The restoration isn’t something you’d want to do on your own given how complex it can get. A company like Water Mold Fire Restoration has the right tools and technicians to do a professional job. Here is everything you need to know about the water damage restoration process and what you can expect when disaster strikes.

Areas That Will Need to Be Dried


It is possible to salvage the carpet in the event of water damage but you’ll need to act quickly. If it is carpet flooring, the first thing you’ll not figure out if the substrate beneath has been affected. The duration it will take to get rid of the moisture will depend on the type of substrate. For the carpet to be salvageable, it needs not to be soaked in water for more than 48 hours. If it has been soaked for more than 2 days, you might not have any other option but a complete haul.


You should also focus on the walls when drying water damage in your home. How to dry the wall will be another challenge altogether. Drying and dehumidifying of the walls could take a few days depending on the severity of the water damage. The wall surfaces that have been affected will need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This is done in order to mitigate the risks of bacterial infections and mold growth.


Restoring documents could prove challenging if it is not done as soon as possible. If there are important documents, you’ll need to get in touch with damage restoration experts to maximize the chances of restoration. A professional water damage restoration expert will use techniques such as freeze-drying to help salvage the documents.

Techniques of Drying The Home

Water Extraction

The first step in water damage restoration will be getting rid of all traces of water. There are water vacuums that can specifically be used for this purpose. The same device can be used to dry the furniture and carpets that have been affected.

Air Drying

Air drying can come in handy if you’d like to dry a specific area in your home. The fans will be placed directly on the affected area in order to aid with the airflow. This method will only be effective if it is done immediately after the water damage.


Dehumidifiers can be used as an additional drying technique if the water has already been extracted. The device is placed on the area to help in getting rid of moisture. It is recommended that you’re running the dehumidifier until tests show that it is dry and safe.

Why Hire a Professional?

A water disaster can strike when you least expect it. You’ll not have time to do research on what you should be doing when the focus should be mitigation. That is why it is highly recommended that you’re getting in touch with water damage restoration experts. The majority of such companies offer emergency services. That means that you’ll not have to wait until daybreak before you can reach out for help.

A water damage restoration technician comes equipped for the job. You’ll not have research on the tools and equipment needed for water extraction. With water damage also comes the risk of mold. Mold could start growing in as little as 24 hours. You don’t want to put the health of your family at risk by attempting to do the restoration on your own. Mold restoration experts are licensed and insured. They’ll make sure that the work is being done to code.


When faced with water damage in your home, the first thing you’ll want to do is to reach out for help. The sooner the drying starts, the better it will be.  There are no guarantees on how long it will take for your home to dry but there will be the peace of mind when working with an experienced restoration expert.

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