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2020 Holiday Gift List: Perfectly Practical Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Are you afraid of buying an unwanted holiday present?

Every year, Americans return about $380 billion worth of unwanted Christmas presents. While some of the products make it back to the shelves, about 5 billion pounds wind up in a trash heap!

If you want to buy gifts that get used, instead of thrown out, you have to learn how to shop for practical Christmas gifts. To help you buy the most useful, and sought after gifts, we’ve created this short but complete guide. We’ll show you what gifts to buy for everyone in your life, from kids to seniors, and even co-workers!

Read on to find out about the best practical gift ideas for Christmas.

Practical Gift Ideas for Kids

Let’s start by looking at practical Christmas gifts for kids. Are you going to be buying gifts for a child that has his or her room? If yes, then consider getting items to help them decorate, and personalize their space! For instance, you could get fun bedding, and pillows, such as a mermaid sequin pillow, or shark-themed bedding.

Next, you can also gift child-friendly artwork, to help liven up their rooms. You could also buy organizational items or a fun character-themed alarm clock for their bedroom. You can also shop on the opposite end of the spectrum, by getting kid-friendly gifts that can be used outdoors!

Outdoor Themed Gifts

Did you know that kids between 8 and 18 years old spend over 7 hours looking at electronic screens every day? To help kids break away from their phones and computers, consider buying them outdoor-themed gifts.

For instance, you could buy a simple wagon, tricycle, or even a bike. You could also get sports-themed gifts, such as kickballs, baseballs, and of course, basketballs!

What to Get Your Co-Workers

Are you trying to find practical gifts for multiple co-workers? To help manage your budget, we suggest buying different desktop accessories. The accessories can be small and inexpensive but personalized in some way.

For instance, if you have a co-worker who enjoys a good laugh, buy them a funny novelty tape roller. If you do a quick online search for “novelty tape roller for coworkers”, you’ll find all sorts of great options. However, any small, and thoughtful, desktop item will work perfectly when you’re gifting co-workers.

Best Christmas Gifts for Teenagers

Next, let’s look at the best Christmas gifts for the teenagers in your life. Teenagers are probably one of the most difficult groups to shop for. However, if you take their personalities into account, you’ll find it’s easy to decide on the right present.

For instance, a lot of teenagers love relaxing after a long day at school. To help teens relax you can buy them a plush blanket that they can use in bed, or while lounging on the couch.

Next, you’ll find that most teenagers, like the rest of us, are glued to their phones! You can make their lives easier by purchasing a collapsable phone grip, that comes in a variety of fun colors.

Do you know a teen who’s a heavy sleeper? If yes, then consider getting them a special alarm clock that uses sounds, vibrations, and flashing lights.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors

Next to teenagers, seniors are probably the second hardest age group to shop for. It’s especially tricky if you’re shopping for a senior who doesn’t have a specific passion or hobby for you to base your gift around. If you’re shopping for a particularly difficult senior to get gifts for, you should buy them a smart photo frame.

The smart frame can then digitally display multiple photos of their friends and loved ones. To make the gift even better, offer to upload the photos to the frame for them! If they don’t have any recent photos, take a few during your Christmas festivities, and then put them in the frame.

Next, jigsaw puzzles are another great gift for seniors since they help stimulate the brain. Keep in mind the quality of vision the senior has, and buy larger jigsaw puzzle pieces if necessary. Moving on, a lot of seniors have to deal with all sorts of aches, and pains, along with emotional challenges.

To help ease their pain, and reduce stress, invest in cbd softgels. If you don’t already know, CBD products are legal, and they don’t get users high or inebriated. Instead, CBD has a relaxing effect, as it interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Holiday Gifts for College Students

Moving on, now let’s look at the best holiday gifts for college students in your life. For starters, most college students will appreciate a laptop case that comes with a handle. The more lightweight the case is, the better since college students already have to lug around other items in their backpacks.

Next, you can help college kids embrace their school spirit by buying them a pint glass with a map of their college town. As a bonus, try finding pint glass colors that match the colors of their home team. Long after they graduate, their customized pint glass will be a treasured item.

Finally, if you didn’t know it already, young adults have an ongoing joke about adults from the baby boomer generation. Buying any item, such as a zippable pouch, or embroidered pillow, that says, “Ok Boomer”, will get a lot of laughs.

Practical Christmas Gifts for Parents

What can you buy parents who already seem to have everything? If you’re looking to splurge a little, a robotic vacuum, like a Roomba, is one of the best practical Christmas gifts for parents. However, Roomba’s can cost a couple of hundred dollars.

If you’re not looking to spend over $30, consider buying luxurious pajamas instead. To help combat restless nights, parents can enjoy slipping into their silky soft, luxurious pajamas.

Next, never underestimate the power of sentimental gifts. If you’re shopping for your parents, find an old family photo from when you were a kid and put it in a gorgeous wooden frame.

Last but not least, most parents try to avoid stopping at fast food places with their kids for a multitude of reasons. However, it can be tricky to have enough snacks on hand as they play taxi for their children. For these parents, you should buy them a large insulated bag with multiple compartments. Now, they can premake snacks, and drinks, to be ready for whenever hunger strikes!

Best Gifts for Women

Now, let’s look at the top practical Christmas gifts to buy for women. For women who love getting their hair done, try buying them a hair dryer brush. As they dry their hair, they’ll be able to use the brush to get the perfect styling effects.

Next, if you know any ladies who enjoy cooking, you can always get them kitchen-themed presents. For instance, if you’re looking to spend over $50, you could purchase a nice air fryer for your home. Air fryers are awesome because you can cook so many different tasty meals, while also keeping them healthy!

If you’re looking to spend less than $50, try buying fun salt and pepper shakers that match their personality. Finally, a weighted blanket is a perfect gift to give women to help promote self-care. Weighted blankets keep you warm, and relaxed while providing an overall sense of well-being.

Christmas Gifts for Men

No matter what type of guy you’re shopping for, you can never go wrong with a complete grooming kit. Whether they enjoy a clean shave, beard, or a little bit of stubble, a grooming kit can help them achieve their desired look.

Next, to help celebrate the holidays, consider buying them a mixologist cocktail shaker set. To make your gift even better, include 1 of their favorite types of liquor, along with the other ingredients to make a fun new Christmas cocktail.

Finally, if you’re shopping for a guy that spends a lot of time on the computer, try buying them a keyboard cleaning gel. You can buy colorful cleaning gels that do an amazing job at getting all of the gunk out from between the keyboard keys.

Buying Gifts for Neighbors

Last but not least, don’t forget to get a Christmas present for your neighbors! If your neighbors don’t usually buy you a gift, you’ll want to keep your present simple, to avoid making them feel guilty.

For instance, you could buy a simple Christmas towel, wrapped in a pretty ribbon. You could also give your neighbors a pack of batteries to help them out on Christmas morning!

Have a Very Merry Christmas

It’s exciting to think about buying practical Christmas gifts, instead of wasting money on items that’ll never get used. As you can see from this article, there are a lot of great gift ideas, that can easily fit into your budget.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, don’t wait another day to start shopping! Go ahead and start purchasing a few gifts online, or at a store today, so you’ll be ready when Christmas rolls around.

Are you ready to learn more ways to have a wonderful time? Then check out the rest of this site.