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Best Acne Patches That Clear Pimples Overnight


Skin care is really on the top priority levels in all makeup regimes. There is no compromise with it when you want to look fresh and fabulous each day. But pimples, acne breakouts, redness, irritation, blackspots, whiteheads and many more villains sleep beneath the skin layers to activate when the conditions are just right. It is recommended not to touch the irritated, inflammation prone skin patch as it will aggravate the same. So your only effective option is to use the best pimple patch in India. You no longer need to sit and wait helplessly for it to heal on its own. 

How do acne patches work? Each acne pimple patch kit contains a number of stickers that are either matching the skin tone or can be peeled off after a few hours post application. These overnight stickers are ideal to flatten the inflammation by controlling the spread of bacteria. They soak in the excess oil, pus and other fluids that cause irritation and keep the concerned skin patch moist yet clean. The surface level work is effectively dealt by these patches, which often come supplemented with healing coats of herbal and other medicational extracts. Here is the list of best pimple patches in India to explore when troubled by skin blemishes. 

  • Avarelle Acne care pimple patch
  • Nexcare acne absorbing cover
  • Mighty patch surface hydrocolloid spot treatment
  • Urban Gabru acne pimple patch
  • Rael hydrocolloid acne pimple healing patch

For natural and even toned skin texture, you can opt for the pimple patches that are compatible with your makeup practices. That perfectly conceals any sort of unevenness due to whiteheads, darkheads, red stubble attributed to inflammations. You can get a sleek finish but underneath the patch, it works to reduce and heal them at the earliest. Usually the pimples and acne breakouts take over a few hours to show up completely on your facial skin. 

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The tendency to feel the pimples and acne is relieved by the pimple patches. The physical and healing barrier keeps you from picking on them. Know the two kinds of patches:

  • The hydrocolloid patch drags out the excess pus, moisture while keeping the inflammation moist and sealed with healing extracts.
  • The non-hydrocolloid patches do not pull out the pus or harmful fluids but deliver the calming agents to the blemish underneath.

For added efficiency, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory extracts such as denatured alcohol, tea tree oil, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and many more are coated on the sticky side of these marvelled patches.

The clogged pores that become infected pass through different phases and when caught early can be reduced, healed with the hydrocolloid patches. The toxins that are generated in the body often come out of the skin through sweat and oil excretions. When they are not able to reach out, the bacteria grows on it to cause irritation, redness and inflammation. Using any sort of skincare cosmetic or popping it rids of the pus, sure is painful and leaves a blemish to be concealed thereon. This can be avoided with a quick patch up with a skincare engineered acne patch.