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How to Update Your Bathroom Look With a Designer Mirror

Something as simple as trading out your old mirror in the bathroom with luxury bathroom mirrors to bring it into the current century is an easy way and a more cost-effective way to upgrade the room as opposed to doing a whole renovation. There are critical decisions that you need to make before you begin any kind of at-home project.

It’s good to have a general idea of the characteristics that you’re hoping to find in the various luxury bathroom mirrors that you pick as your options. You need to set your mind on size, shape, not to mention what type of finish you would like it to have. It is going to basically be the centerpiece of your relaxing retreat.

Shopping for Bathroom Mirrors

Varieties of Luxury Bathroom Mirrors

Typically, when people envision the bathroom mirror in a home, they see one large piece of glass sitting over the top of the vanity. This is kind of the standard, but it’s boring, lacks character, and really doesn’t show any of your personality. There is a multitude of different luxury bathroom mirrors to choose from to jazz up your space. Let’s check them out.


  • Wall Mirror. This is going to be any kind of mirror that you will be attaching directly to the wall. They can come in numerous different sizes, shapes, frames, no frames, or any type of different material to match your particular aesthetics. Dependent on the size and shape will determine how difficult of a time the hanging process will be for you.
  • Decorative Mirrors. These are mounted the same as a wall mirror by simply hanging it on the wall, but they’re usually a little bit smaller and come in unique sizes and shapes with unusual design elements mixed in. They can offer geometric shapes or overlapped glass patterns or be in the shape of an everyday object such as flowers. They can also have particularly ornate frames or contemporary, glamorous, nothing typical of your square or rectangular wall mirror. Because these are a bit smaller than typical, it’s fun to mix and match a few of these together which would also add an element of depth to your room.
  • Full-Length Mirror. A full mirror will always add space to a room as well as light. You have different options with a full-length in that you can hang it horizontally provided enough space to give you plenty of reflection or you can also hang it vertically so that you’re able to be in full view which you could do on the back of the bathroom door or a closet door in the bathroom.
  • Floor mirror. A floor mirror is pretty much a full-length mirror but this one doesn’t require any installation as it comes with a frame for standing freestyle. These are nice because you can move them around to wherever the light is best when you need to see.
  • Medicine Cabinet Mirror. Boring medicine cabinets are a thing of the past. These luxury bathroom mirrors fixed onto medicine cabinets are a good option to provide you with storage plus bring a sense of style to the bathroom. They look more like pieces of decoration than the place where you keep your razors.

Mirror Shapes, Materials, And Finishes

After you have decided on a type of mirror, you need to choose which shape, material, and finish will complement the version that you have chosen. The selections for these choices are vast and will take time and careful consideration in order that you get the final product that you’re hoping for. Depending on what variety of mirrors you have decided on will limit your options as far as shape, e.g. you can only get a floor model to fit specific criteria. Here’s a list of the different shapes that most of the mirrors will be available to you.

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Circular
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon

There are also one-of-a-kind shapes which could be an interesting focal point for your bathroom.

Some people opt to have frames around their mirrors and some choose not to. Either way, you can make a bold statement with the mirror dependent upon the version that you have and the shape that you selected. The frame choices that are most common on the market for luxury bathroom mirrors are as follows:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Acrylic
  • Stone

And the finishes include:

  • Opaque
  • High gloss
  • Matte
  • Beveled vs non-beveled


Once you’ve made your decision and have one of the luxury bathroom mirrors installed in your home, you will see that a mirror has the ability to create a balanced design and is going to be both visually and energetically pleasing in your bathroom.

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