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SaaS Tools for Businesses

Project management

Basecamp is one of the admirable project management software solutions available in the SaaS market. Additionally, it pitches itself as a powerful tool for team collaboration. Basecamp enables teams to stay coordinated on all levels of the project management life cycle. It offers all standard features that are expected from a collaboration tool, including file sharing, scheduling, and reporting. Using a SaaS cloud integration platform allows organizations to conduct application and data integration with an agile, scalable, reusable solution.

Live Chat


Freshchat is a cloud-hosted messaging and engagement application that is designed to meet the needs of both large and small teams. The application is designed to turn to chat into a more personalized and professional experience. It lets you create and distribute contextual messages and capture valuable intelligence directly from the users.

Human resource management


Small, medium, or large, a business needs the best people to do its job. For this purpose, businesses can consider using trending HR software solution known as BambooHR. Saas products expert, Maksym Babych,said: ‘this software works on an advanced stripped-down mechanism and offers capabilities like personnel data modules, tracking, and advanced reporting that make it an ideal choice for growing businesses’.

Business intelligence

Google analytics

Google Analytics is an amazing tool for analyzing performance and gaining audience insights. It’s a freemium web analytics solution that provides tools to analyze data for your business in one place. With Google Analytics, you can measure traffic metrics for your website, categorize all visitors by traffic type and even group them on the basis of their country.

Team collaboration


GoToMeeting is a very simple and straightforward web conferencing software that comes packed with tons of international features and functionalities. It serves as an ideal option for businesses to manage clients and colleagues from multiple international locations. The software is extremely user-friendly and is an excellent solution for businesses who wish to schedule meetings in just a few minutes.

Employee Monitoring

Time Doctor

When it comes to accurate time tracking and efficient time management, Time Doctor is unbeatable. It’s an intuitive time tracking software that is designed specifically for the team of 20 to 500 employees. With Time Doctor, teams can conduct time tracking, session monitoring, screenshot recording, accurate invoicing, project reporting, and so much more.

Content management


HubSpot is basically everything you need to build a powerful website, optimize it for every device, bring traffic to your website, convert more visitors, and most importantly, grow your business. It is a popular marketing, sales, and service software that is designed to integrate with all your marketing tools. You can use HubSpot CMS to create and edit blog posts, landing pages, site pages, and emails with just a few clicks. You can go with one of its pre-built templates or you can build everything from scratch.

Knowledge Management


Bitrix24 is a highly secure, free turnkey intranet solution designed to help small and medium-sized businesses implement better communication, social networking, business management, and knowledge management. The solution ensures better knowledge management by moving all the data stored in network silos and local drives to a centralized, secure repository. It creates a united workspace where teams can manage all the aspects of their daily operations and tasks in a fun, flexible manner.

Customer Support


Freshdesk is an online cloud-based customer support software and ticketing system. Its an award-winning solution with an array of useful and intuitive features that turn exceptional customer service into a possibility. The software is designed to work for both small and large businesses. Multichannel, collaboration, reporting, and customization capability are some of the most significant functionalities offered by this software.