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28 Great Ideas for DIY Wine Cork Craft Projects

The insanely beautiful and fully permanent resource in our home of DIY project is the wine bottle cork. It comes in increments indeed but once you have gathered enough great things do stand in front of you. Starting from complex and beautiful wall art installation and ending with jewelry pieces or coffee tables the possibilities opened by multiple wine bottle cork projects are incredible and with this thought in mind we are showcasing below only a drop of inspiration on beautiful homemade wine bottle cork projects.

Wine lovers all have one problem in common. What do you do with all the wine corks, assuming you aren’t drinking boxed wine or screw top wine. If you are drinking the good stuff, you most likely will have some corks lying around. And we present 28 great ideas for DIY wine work craft projects. Not all are for art only, some are actually useful items. Drink and be merry and then build something with all those corks.

28 Great Ideas for DIY Wine Cork Craft Projects

Add Glamour to a Humble Cork Cap

Cork Bath Mat

Cork Jewelry Organizer

Cork Lamp Chandelier Animating Light and Shadow Beautifully

Cork Musical Notes Wall Art

Cork Protective Mat

Cozy Cork Votive Candles

Create Your Favorite Country From Cork

Creative Pinboard With Custom Shape

Decorative Cork Cap

Display Memories in a Cork Frame

Filter Light Through Beauty

Heart Shaped Decorative Installations

Inspiring Wall Art Piece

Sculpted Cork Castle

Sculptural Sphere Sheltering Greenery

Shelter Your Succulents

Simple Versatile Necklace

Simply Graphic Wall Art

Small Cork Emergency Lights

Small Cork Stamps

Small Jewelry Pieces

Splash Zone Enhanced by Cork

Star Shaped Decorative Cork Item

Vintage Looking Stairs Using Cork

Volumetric Letters

Votive Candle Ensemble Exuding Warmth

Wine Cork Counter

Wine Cork Stick Protection