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Tips for Selection and Maintenance of Wooden Flooring

Wood has been used for flooring for centuries since it is aesthetically pleasing, affordable and durable. It is also comfortable to use. Different types of wood flooring are available, which vary in the design, color, pattern, thickness and type of wood used. The cost of the wood depending on the type of wood, hardwood is typically more durable and also more expensive. The life of the wood flooring depends on different factors like the quality of the flooring selected, installation and maintenance. Some wood tile flooring tips which will help in selection of the right flooring and maintenance are provided below.

One of the most important considerations while choosing the wood flooring is the budget of the user. Solid wood flooring is a very luxurious flooring which is unique and derived directly from trees. There are different types of woods like teak, rosewood, oak, cherry, birch. These are expensive and can last for centuries if they are properly maintained. Engineered wood flooring is more affordable, stronger and is more stable. They are made by compressing the different layers of wood together. Hence property owners with limited funds can opt for this flooring.

Another factor which affects the life of the flooring is the installation. If the flooring is properly installed, using the right material, it will last for a longer time. Ideally the flooring should be installed, so that there are no gaps between the different sections of the wood tiles used. For expensive solid wood flooring, it is advisable to hire the services of professionals for installation of the flooring. Engineering flooring is easier to install, and the homeowner may install it himself if he has a limited budget. However, the homeowner should follow the instructions which are provided by the flooring supplier.

The condition of the flooring will also depend on how well it has been maintained. If water or other liquid will spill on the flooring, it should be wiped at the earliest. It is also important to clean the flooring regularly to remove any kind of dirt which may accumulate in the gaps. While sweeping will remove the large dirt and debris, vacuum cleaning will remove the minute dust particles. If these dust is not removed, it will solidify and become more difficult to remove. A wood cleaner should be used monthly to clean the wood thoroughly and remove any embedded dirt.

The homeowner should also inspect the wood floor for damage periodically. In some cases, there may be cracks or holes if some heavy item has fallen on the floor, or insects like termites have attacked the flooring. If there are insects, pest control using a suitable insecticide is recommended. If there are stains on the wood floor, or looks like dirty, refinishing the floor will help. Using specialized equipment, flooring professionals will sand the floor to remove the top layer, stain it in the color selected and give it a new coating. The refinished wooden floor will look like a new floor, and improve the appearance of the home.