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2020’s Best Home Renovations

2020 has certainly been a year for the record books. With a global pandemic and a variety of government lock-downs and closures, the housing market was in a state of flux all throughout the calendar year. It was down a lot; then it started to peak again. It levelled off there for a time, but then people started to put more and more money into renovating their homes. This lead to a huge spike in property values, and it really became a seller’s market, and it’s holding strong in that position. This means that it’s a great time to get renovations done, as it’s going to increase your equity and potential selling price a lot more.

Though when it comes to having home renovations completed, what should you go with, other than the experts at Solid Solutions Renovations? Individual projects can take a lot of money and time because there’s a lot of work to be done, even in smaller rooms. So this is leaving a lot of people scratching their chins in terms of where to start. Well, if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ll speak about the most popular renovation ideas in 2020. These were the projects many were getting done more than others.

The Hottest Renovation Ideas This Year

Bathroom Upgrades

The first big renovation idea was the bathroom upgrade. This was really spurred along by a dip in the prices for supplies like toilets and tubs and vanities, etc. Because so many businesses were forced to close down, they had to rush to make money where they could, so these products started to be offered for cheaper than usual. This really set off a solid trend of homeowners having their bathrooms remodelled. Some were even turning smaller bathrooms into larger three-piece bathrooms, while others were adding bathrooms by tearing out closets, etc. The great thing about a bathroom upgrade is that it really pays off when your home gets appraised. You’re looking at thousands in value over what you spend on the project.

Finishing That Basement

Another thing to really take off in home renovations was the finished basement. This started out a little bit due to necessity. With all of the rules that were telling everyone to shelter in place, they couldn’t see their families, which was especially true for older, more vulnerable family members. Before the pandemic, people could go frequently check on these family members. After however, they couldn’t, and so many started to turn their basements into apartments and in-law suites, etc., for their loved ones to stay with them and to stay safe. However, this really helped boost the housing market as these finished basements added a ton of value to the home. It’s a solid idea if your basement is unfinished.

Remodeling the Kitchen

Kitchen remodels follow along the same lines as the basement finishing in terms of why people started doing them. Many people out there started to realize the importance of having those bigger family meals when they were locked down together. And so a remedy here was a larger kitchen. The eat-in kitchen remodel was huge this year, adding things like breakfast nooks and bar seating to kitchens. Another reason was the same as the bathroom remodels, in that many of the appliance prices started to drop and become a lot more affordable. If you’ve been considering a new kitchen, you can still strike while the iron is hot.

Adding Room

Of course, following in line with the flow of the rest of the year, actually adding space to the home was also a huge renovation project that many were ordering up. This ranged in size and scope, of course. For instance, some people were turning their garages into living spaces or getting rid of that empty den to create bedrooms, bathrooms, open concepts, etc. Others were actually adding on to the home, building outwards onto their existing properties. There were all sorts of different approaches to take here, and many that you can personally take. You can find many different ideas to create more living space in your home, and the right construction company will be worth planning it out.

No matter what sort of renovations you want, find the right local company to work with so that you get the best renovations possible.