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Is It Worth It to Install a Whole House Water Filter System?

The recent awareness for purified water has made people look for suitable whole house water filtering solutions. But for budget-conscious people, finding the right home water filtration system is often a challenge. Water filters can be quite expensive, especially if you want a system that filters water for the entire house. Plus, there are many other things you need to look at if you want a filter system for the entire house. This is probably why most people avoid going for entire house filtration systems and instead settle for tap water purification. However, simply avoiding an issue is not its solution. For places that get hard water or very contaminated water, simply purifying tap water might not be enough. In such cases, you need a whole house filtering system that can help you protect the health of your loved ones as well as your home appliances!

Growing Need for Water Filters

Ever wondered what dangers lurk in your tap water? Chlorine is often used to treat and clean the water you receive. While most tap water is free of sediments and particles, it may still contain chemical residue like lead, chlorine, etc. Plus, there are many other contaminants like a virus, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can be dangerous for your health. Having a good tap water purifier can rid your drinking water of all these impurities. But what about your home appliances and plumbing systems? The water you get is often hard water that is harsh on clothes and can leave residue in the pipes too, causing them to rust over time. All this can reduce the longevity and performance of your clothes, your plumbing system, and appliances like washing machines, etc. The solution to this problem is simply installing the best whole house water filter system.

Benefits of Whole Water Filter System

While it’s important to have pure and healthy drinking water, it can also have other benefits. From removing contaminants to improving pH levels, water filters do a lot of work for us. Let us look at some benefits of having a filter system for the entire house.

Get Rid of Water Contaminants

Well obviously, the whole purpose of having water filters is to get rid of contaminants from the water. Whether it is removing impurities or harmful microorganisms, water filters can do all the work for you. They can get rid of sediments and particles as well as chemicals like chlorine or lead residue from the water. Plus, they can also remove harmful microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, protozoa, etc. that can cause various water-borne diseases. Not only do these filters remove contaminants, but they also remove bad odor, color, and taste from the drinking water. 

Pure Water for the Whole House

As the name suggests, whole house water filters provide pure water for the entire house. These filters are installed at the main supply source of your water. Hence, they filter the water you receive and then send this purified water to the rest of the house. This is an all-in-one solution to handle your different water woes. Once you install a whole house filter, you need not worry about the quality of water in any part of the home. Whether it is for safe drinking water or to soften hard water for clothes and appliances, a whole house water purifier is the one-stop solution for all your water needs.

No More Hard Water

While impurities in water are often treated and removed, we don’t often pay attention to the quality of water. Most people receive hard water in their region which can cause many problems that are not even related to health. For example, hard water can harm the clothes in the long run. Plus, it can also cause corrosion which can leave rust stains and residue in the pipes, showers, and home appliances. This can reduce its lifespan and affect its performance. Having a whole house water purifier can help you soften the water and make it safe for use as well as consumption. And for very high hard water levels, there are water filter-softener combos specifically designed for that purpose. Visit BOS to learn more.

Remove Odor and Bad Taste

The water we receive is often disinfected with chlorine. However, sometimes this chlorine can leave residue in the water leading to a bad taste and smell in it. Sometimes, other contaminants can also make the water look, smell, and taste bad. Filtering water can also help you get rid of such bad taste, odor, or color in the water. This is good not just for your health but also for your clothes.

When you’re thinking of installing a whole house water filter system, the cost is often a big concern. A thorough filter for the entire house can be quite costly. However, instead of a thorough system, you can choose to install a basic filter that removes sediments and chlorine. Depending on the quality of your tap water, you can choose a filtration system that can meet your water-purification needs and give full protection to your family.

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