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How is Robustel Cloud Manager Service Applied in IoT Solutions

The Internet of things refers to a kind of network that connects any object with the Internet through information sensing equipment. The purpose of it is to realize the intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring, and management of objects.

With the coming of smart age, the Internet of things is used more and more widely. It brings us great convenience in the fields of home furnishing, health care, education, finance and service industry, tourism, and other areas closely related to life.

However, managing your on-field devices and IoT infrastructure is challenging with current methods. Robustel is a leader in industrial IoT solutions designed to make remote management much more accessible. The company offers many different industrial IoT solutions designed to solve issues of connectivity across a wide range of various network devices.

Robustel cloud Manager Service (RCMS) is an online device management platform for Robustel. It aims to provide rapid device deployment and extensive management through an intuitive user interface and powerful backstage support.

Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS) is a device management system that boasts features like rapid device deployment and more. However, we all know how important security is when it comes to managing your devices remotely. That’s why VPN works seamlessly with RCMS to protect your remote connections all in one place.

The Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS) is available as a locally installed stack service or a hosted cloud service. This gives you the flexibility to manage your connected devices while minimizing cost and hassle. The customizable setup offered by RCMS makes it practical for corporations of all sizes.

The cloud VPN market is gaining popularity due to the numerous security breaches many large cloud providers have experienced in recent years. Cloud VPN technology adds an extra layer of protection to your data both during storage and transmission. This increases the difficulty required to gain unauthorized access to your IoT systems.

RobustVPN operates hand in hand with the Robustel Cloud Manager Service. So, you can monitor and create multiple VPN connections for separate devices easily. RCMS allows you to set up performance parameters for all of your connected devices. You will also be able to access historical monitoring data to improve device usage.

Robustel IoT solution features zero-touch deployment and device profiles, which makes it easy for you to wirelessly activate new devices on your network. RCMS gives you real-time updates about the signal quality, connectivity, packet loss rate, and data usage of all your devices.

You will also be able to access the central dashboard which gives you a detailed overview of all devices connected to your network. This makes it easy for you to get a snapshot of operation cost and device performance to better optimize your infrastructure. Robustel Cloud Manager Service gives you access to industrial-grade IoT solutions that are easy to manage and very cost-effective.

SIM card integration is also another standard feature of the RCMS platform. By utilizing robust API integrations, RCMS can connect with existing SIM networks so you can manage your SIMs remotely. The amount of the industrial IoT solution packed into a convent platform like RCMs is genuinely astonishing.

Whether you’re a small business who needs simple device management capabilities or a large corporation that needs powerful remote monitoring access, Robustel Cloud Manage Service can provide you with the solutions you need. Robustel offers free industrial IoT consolations via their official website.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Robustel Cloud Manager Service can assist your organization, visit their website today. Their representatives will be able to give you personalized answers to all of the questions you have.