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Six Fitness Style Ideas to Keep You Cool in The Gym

People don’t often feel like they look their best when they are all sweaty and wet. Regardless, the work we put in at the gym keeps us looking and feeling great. That said, there’s nothing stopping us from maintaining our sense of style. Here are six great fitness style ideas to keep you looking cool, even when you’re at the gym.

Training Sneakers and Shoes

The right sneakers can completely change the way you work out. With the right fit, they can help you maintain your balance while providing support where you need it most. In addition, the right pair of shoes can keep you looking fly when you get your sweat on. If you’re training legs, try these squat shoes. Not only do they look good, but they’ll provide you with balance and arch support.

Sleeveless Shirts or Tank Tops

Summer’s just around the corner and men everywhere are looking for the latest fashion accessories. Usually, when people wear sleeveless shirts or tank tops, people assume that they’re showing off. And the truth is, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! But this kind of apparel is functional too, because it gives you greater mobility in your arms. Additionally, less material means that you can keep cool, too. So think about which stylish sleeveless shirts and tank tops make the most sense for you.


Sometimes people don’t feel confident enough to wear shorts. You might feel that your legs are too thin, or too thick. The reality is that those feelings are just that—feelings. Instead, wear a pair of shorts confidently, and don’t worry about what others around you think or say. They’ll keep you cool, and you’ll be able to visualize your progress more clearly, regardless of where you are at in your fitness journey.

A Stylish Shaker Bottle

If you have a shaker bottle for water, it saves a ton of time as you don’t have to go to the water fountain every time you are done with an exercise. Plus, you can reserve your spot in a busy gym rather than getting up and losing your machine to the next person. Furthermore, you can take your protein drink with you, for a nice post-workout snack. A shaker is a staple in any gym bag, so choose one that looks good and functions well.

Cordless Ear Buds

Bluetooth ear buds are a must-have for people who frequent the gym. They eliminate the hassle of cords that get in the way, while also providing privacy and motivation to keep you in the zone. Pick a stylish pair of ear buds to let people know you’re serious about your tunes.

Baseball Caps

Many people feel that it’s pointless to do their hair before going to the gym.  A ball cap will get you out the door fast, and you can wear it with style, too. In addition, a cap will keep your hair out of your face, so you can focus on your workout. So, find a great cap and wear it boldly.

How Important is Style at the Gym?

Working out is as much psychological as it is physical. If stylish clothing will help you to stay confident while working out, then you should wear it. However, that doesn’t mean that you should feel negative if you’re not looking your very best. Just think of style as supplemental to an already great attitude.  Try these fitness style ideas and see if they get you into the right mindset the next time you go to the gym.