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Bald Head

5 Best Moisturizers for Bald Head to Use During Summer

Now that you’ve shaved your head, there’s a whole new approach that you should take on skin care rituals. You have a bald head, so more skin to expose. You plan to keep it either shiny or matte for as long as possible. Therefore, you will need the best moisturizer for bald head you can find.

Head skin is part of your complexion and you should treat it as such. If this is your first shave, your bald head is sensitive to heat and sun rays. You may have discovered the best foam and razors to use on your bald head. Below we will outline what features the best moisturizer for bald head should have. You will find it easier to purchase products for your shaved head after reading this article.
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Why Look for a Bald Head Moisturizer?

You freshly shaved head can turn out to be sensitive. You might get irritations from the razor or exposure to the sun. Even if you only go to work during the day, you should protect your head from an unwanted irritating tan that might appear during a lunch break.

Your scalp is exposed to the same conditions that might have occurred when before shaving. You’re the scalp can get itchy, dry or even have dandruff. A moisturizer should leave your scalp fresh and free of the above. According to Shaving Solution, the best moisturizer for bald head should be high-quality, popular and have overall positive ratings. You can read here to see how such a list looks like.

As each day goes, your scalp is exposed to dust and residue and might become get a greasy feel. The moisturizer can keep it hydrated and residue-free.
Essential Features of the Best Moisturizers for Bald Head


The best moisturizer for bald head should speak for itself. It should come with an established reputation and loyal customers which aren’t afraid to write positive comments. Brands which specialize in bald head care have unique products and more options to choose from.

Such products are usually available in online stores and specialized men care shops. Moisturizers with a good reputation always make a good choice thanks to their long-term effects on your scalp.


You might find a reliable help among mainstream products. It’s natural to search for bald head care products which are available anywhere, even if you need to take a trip and opt for local shops.

According to a study, bald men seem to earn more credits than others at work. So, you might find it essential to choose easy-to-find products which ensure a hydrated and good looking bald head all the time.

Natural Ingredients

You will soon notice that the best moisturizers for bald head contain natural oils. You will discover many products which contain castor or Argan oil, as well as other plant extracts. There are moisturizers which exclusively contain natural ingredients.

If you’re health-conscious and want to protect the environment, you can find products which are free of parabens and toxic– or any – chemicals.

Sun Protection Factors

Unwanted tans are part of the shaved head reality. You don’t get rid of the scalp’s sensitivity towards sun rays after the first shaves. Your scalp might get dry and irritated due to exposure to the toxic UVA and UVB sunrays.

You should protect your head with a cap or a head whenever you expose it to the sun. However, this means covering every minute you spend outside your home. Many moisturizers have a SPF factor, so it won’t be difficult to protect your scalp.


There are cream, lotion and oil moisturizers. Technically, you can moisturize your scalp skin with any hydrating products. However, you should use any hydrating product only in absence of your daily moisturizer.

Choose a product which has a convenient texture for you. Moreover, make sure that it leaves your scalp as you prefer it – either shiny or matte.
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Caring for Your Bald Head

  • Above all, you should follow each product’s usage instructions. Yet, you should daily rely on moisturizers.
  • Keep your scalp hydrated also by drinking a lot of water, eating healthy and sleeping properly. Avoid alcohol to prevent scalp dehydration.
  • Massage your scalp any time you can to promote blood flow and hair growth.
  • Use the moisturizer after you wash your head and dry it with a towel, to make sure your pores close quickly, and they receive a dose of hydration.
  • You head should be clean all the time. Carry along wet scalp tissues and use them every time you have the chance, to remove residue.

To Sum Moisturizing Up

There are plenty of ways to keep dryness, irritations and other potential risk factors away from your scalp. Some even apply antiperspirants on their scalps before going to bed. The best moisturizer for bald head overall responds to your needs and keeps your head hydrated and soft.
Before purchasing such a product, discover why your scalp might be sensitive and which of the above particularities matter the most to you!
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