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Relationship Between Happiness and Longevity

The Relationship Between Happiness and Longevity For Seniors

Does Happiness Help Seniors Living Longer?

In essence, Happiness amounts to a healthy body and a poor memory. Though not everyone will agree that happiness is aided by a bad memory, just about everyone will concede that healthfulness is likely to facilitate happiness to at least some degree. However, does happiness cause improved health? The answer is almost certainly affirmative. Multiple studies have shown a connection between pleasant emotions and self-declared wellness. Much in the same way, anxiety, frustration and a lack of happiness has been shown to boost the incidence of cardiovascular disease, and a host of other chronic ailments.

The Impact of Happiness on Longevity

The Impact of Happiness on Longevity
The professionals at assisting hands home care or homecare preferred will attest to the fact that those who are happy in their lives do not just have an enhanced level of enjoyment, they also raise their likelihood of having longer lives. Researchers recently examined data concerning the happiness level of Americans over the course of a six-year span. The subjects were split into a series of three groups, namely those who self-identified as very happy, happy and those who were not happy.

Assisting Hands Home Care Says Happiness Is Key

Assisting Hands Home Care Says Happiness Is Key
The chances of death were at its lowest point for those who deemed themselves “very” happy. When stacked up against the very happy individuals, the chances of death for those who said they were happy increased by six percent, and the chances for those who declared themselves to be not happy rose by 14 percent. These outcomes were the same regardless of the lifestyles, demographic groups and socioeconomic factors of the research subjects. Fortunately, scientists have discovered that a lack of happiness is not necessarily a contributor to premature or unanticipated deaths. However, there is no denying that being happy makes life much more pleasant along the way.

How To Increase Your Daily Happiness Quotient

How To Increase Your Daily Happiness Quotient

  1. What are some ways to boost overall happiness on an everyday basis? Take a look at the following ideas that can help raise the chances of feeling happy and perhaps even promoting better health.
  2. Work on building strong bonds with friends, family members and colleagues. Research has suggested that just caring for an animal has the potential to make a big difference.
  3. Take an active role in social events, such as those in the faith-based community. Consider signing up for an exercise class or an art lesson each week and make social outings a regular part of your life.
  4. Take joy in the small things life has to offer, such as a quiet stroll in the woods, a fun lunch date with a friend or watching the sun rise.
  5. Try not to let small irritations cause you a great deal of stress. Instead, focus on the larger scheme of things and devote your thoughts to the things that truly matter. Meditation, mindfulness and spiritual endeavors can work well to alleviate anxiety and stress.
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  7. Give of yourself to other people. Demonstrating your concern and care about the wellness of those around you can be a positive for all involved. Think about volunteering your time at an animal shelter, a food pantry or simply check on elderly neighbors who lack family of their own.
  8. Take value and pride in the work you do. Work can be your actual position of employment, the pastimes in which you engage or even your volunteer endeavors. View each of these an as opportunity to recognize and appreciate your best attributes and personal strengths.

In short, if the goal is to increase your happiness level and your overall health, numerous options exist. You simply need to make time to try them, and the results will surely follow.