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10 Travel Myths Debunked

While traveling is said to be a life-changing experience, it is surprising how a lot of people place confidence in things that aren’t actually true. We’re not very certain how these things start. Perhaps a writer drafted a story and it gains a life of its own. But wait, we’ve decided to bust the most common travel myths in this post so that you can get the most out of your upcoming trip:

1. Your Cellphone Can Make the Aircraft Crash

While phones and other electronic gadgets can get in the way of the plane’s communication system, the device itself cannot cause any damage to the aircraft. The primary reason you’re instructed to turn off your mobile devices is due to the fact that the takeoff/landing are most sensitive times for an aircraft to receive unobstructed clear signals.

2. You Should Always Pack Less

Yes, it’s so convenient if you can travel light. Also, if you have just a little backpack to carry, the less fuel is consumed. However, if you’re not much concerned about these factors, there is obviously no particular reason to go nuts over packing only a single bag. However, make sure to select the right bag for yourself to save space and have comfort.

According to JanSport BackPacks, you should select a bag that can help you carry all your favorite stuff without undergoing any discomfort. Backpacks are great as you can use them to pack your basic essentials that you need right after reaching to your destination.

Generally, all airlines allow up to 20kg luggage, meaning you wouldn’t require to pay anything extra in terms of excess baggage. Also, bags these days come with wheels and carriers and if you aren’t planning to travel around a lot, it’s perfectly okay to grab some of your favorite stuff to make your Sunday’s special.

3. Europe is Very Very Expensive

This actually depends on your destination. If you choose UK or Paris to hang out, then yes, Europe will be pretty expensive. But if you travel to the Southern regions of Spain or Italy, then you can find some amazingly beautiful places with affordable packages for yourself.

4. You can Avoid Jet-lag

It would be really amazing to think that there was an extensively dependable solution to the jet-lag problem. However, the bitter truth is, even if you take all necessary precautions, keep yourself hydrated and keep your time to sleep in line with the destination, you’ll sometimes get jet lags anyway.

5. Last-Minute Bookings are Economical

Many people believe that since airlines want to reserve all of their remaining seats, they’ll lower down the price a few days earlier. Although, it may happen occasionally, it’s not always the case. Particularly, when you’re traveling to the sought-after tourist destinations, you’ll see that airlines actually raise the prices in hope to sell their last tickets. In fact, if you wait for the last-minute tickets, you may not be able to book for your required destination. So be proactive and try to sort things on time.

6. Duty Free Shopping is Worth the Price

While the term ‘duty-free’ may sound incredibly attractive to most of us, the fact is that the experience is actually not that different to purchasing from your normal stores. Yes, there are a few things like alcohol and cigarettes on which you’ll save some good money due to high taxes, but purchasing luxury goods like fragrances and goggles might not save you that much money.

7. You have to Be Good at Bargaining to Grab some Great Deals

While local shopkeepers raise their prices three folds when they spot a tourist, it doesn’t mean that you must negotiate to the last penny. Bargaining is an art and you should use it to get value for money, but don’t feel ripped off if you paid a little extra than someone else. Maybe you acted as a source for the shopkeeper’s family to have a good meal that night.

8. You Can Get a Business Class

Sorry, you can’t unless you have an acquaintance at the airline or you pay for it. There are people who believe that if they dress well or talk politely to the check in staff, they stand a chance of receiving an update. But sadly, none of these tricks actually work.

9. Street Food isn’t Good for Health

Okay, so you prefer going to a restaurant rather than ordering something on the street considering the street food will make you sick. Keep in mind, as street chefs cook everything in front of you, the risk factor is comparatively low as you have literally no idea about what might be going on inside your selected restaurant’s kitchen.

10. You Should Always Book in Advance

Booking weeks and weeks in advance won’t inevitably save you heaps of money. Even, months ahead of the actual time, airlines haven’t launched any specialized deals and offer. So you may end up losing money that you could have saved if you waited a little longer.

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