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Qualities to Look for in an English Tutor

As kids grow and learn more about the world, they need further nurturing to be one step ahead in life, for instance, an English tutor to enhance their English skills. Even if English is their first language, tutors can potentially improve it. Sometimes, parents teach themselves, but it’s always easier and more beneficial to have a professional tutor.

One might think that English tutoring is an easy task since they are fluent, or it might be their native language. But many might not realise that teaching kids is a different story that requires greater patience than teaching teenagers or adults. Nowadays, most reputable companies require their English tutors to undergo extensive English training and acquire certificates before being considered a qualified English tutor. Every tutor is different and unique in their way, but there are essential qualities that all tutors must acquire to ensure an efficient English learning journey.


When tutoring English to young children, you don’t start with something difficult right away. A proficient English tutor must prepare a suitable lesson plan starting from the basics and slowly transitioning to more complex lessons. Immediately immersing a child in difficult lessons will result in an unmotivated student.

Adapting to the Student

Students are very diverse in personalities, which makes English tutoring a challenging job. Some tutors have difficulty delivering results because the children might not have an interest in learning. No child will ever learn if the tutor does not adjust to their personality. Once a tutor builds rapport between the student, teaching can be enjoyable and stress-free for both of them.

Attractive Personality

Another factor that will make children uninterested in learning is when a tutor does not have a pleasing personality. Kids love to enjoy their youth, and most of the time, they prefer to have fun with everything they do. An expert English tutor can make learning a fun experience for the kids, and one method is by using their personality. Breaking out a smile, having a soothing tone of voice, and humour are just a few important traits that captivate children.

Expending Resources Efficiently

Most children get bored quickly when they see a book or paper only filled with words in front of them. Sometimes, the best option is to give them more visuals to understand the topic better. Some tutors use hand puppets, pictures, cartoons, and anything else dynamic to pique the kids’ attention.

Extensive Knowledge

Out of all the qualities, this is the most important one needed for English tutoring. A child will not learn anything when the tutor is not sure what to do or say. Children are inquisitive, so they would ask questions occasionally, and the tutor must answer them quickly and correctly.

Understanding the Students’ Culture

There are different kinds of cultures that an English tutor must be aware of. At one point, they might say something that may be offensive to the student because of their background and culture. When a tutor meets a new student for the first time, it would be best to get to know them more before any lesson. A great tutor must be aware of what strategies to use to make a child more interested in sharing and opening up about life. This can help the tutor determine the learning approach and make the student feel comfortable during the entire class.

English tutoring is a job that requires years of experience to master the craft. When it comes to teaching children, a tutor might need to double their effort because children typically have a short attention span compared to adults. Having these qualities will ensure a remarkable and effective English learning environment for young learners.

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