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Questions to Ask Your Home Doctor

No doubt, many people prefer calling a home doctor rather than visiting a doctor’s clinic. People with disabilities, chronic conditions, and busy schedules may find it difficult to leave their house and visit a doctor. When they can’t make a trip to the doctor, they’ll skip their appointments and regular check-ups, ultimately resulting in severe conditions developed over time.

When you have access to the best medical team, calling a doctor to your home can be a nice alternative to clinic visits. Get in touch with an agency that will send a doctor to your home when you are homebound or unable to visit a clinic. But, you can’t trust any doctor for the quality of their service. Here are some questions you must ask a home doctor to be sure of their credibility.

What Are Your Qualifications And Specialisations?

Before allowing the doctor to diagnose and treat your condition, make sure that they are board-certified for medicinal practice. They should have a decent qualification to handle patients. If you want a specialist for your condition, ask the agency beforehand to send you a doctor with specialisation.

How Much Time Would You Spend At My Place?

When a doctor visits your place, they must spend enough time understanding your problem, listening to your issues, and making a treatment plan to help you feel better. Whether you are suffering from a chronic condition, allergy, or illness, they must correctly diagnose the issue and prescribe you the right medicines. They must stay with you until you feel fine and go to rest.

Do You Have A Team of Nurses and Therapists Who Can Come to Provide Extra Support?

Once the doctor leaves, you must need support from a nurse or therapist to accelerate your recovery process. You can ask the doctor if they can send healthcare professionals to your home.

Have You Brought Proper Medical Supplies and Portable Diagnostic Equipment to Diagnose the Condition?

Sometimes, the doctor may be unable to diagnose the exact condition you are suffering from. For proper diagnosis, they would need portable diagnostic equipment that they can use to come to a conclusion and provide you with the treatment. Medical supplies like injections, pain killers, etc. should also be in their bag to give you emergency medical treatment.

Are You Ready To Coordinate With My Primary Healthcare Provider?

You may have a primary healthcare provider who manages your condition on a regular basis. But sometimes they may not be able to visit your home, for which you must have called a home doctor. In such a situation, the new doctor who arrives at your place should coordinate with your primary healthcare provider and give you the necessary treatment.

Do You Accept Payment From Medical Insurance?

Ask the doctor whether you have to pay for the treatment out of your pocket or if they accept medical insurance? If they accept insurance, your insurer will pay for your treatment, and you will save your money.

So, when you book an appointment with an on-call house doctor, be sure to ask these questions. These will give you an idea about their credibility and quality of service.