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Top Curious Facts and Stories About Jewelry

Throughout history, jewelry has always been an indicator of status and well-being. For instance, only a few high-ranking and wealthy people wore precious stones and jewelries, among which, women liked to wear it more than men. Traditionally, the best gift for a woman can be a set of jewelry. Depending on the financial condition, one can even gift a ring to a lady. Likewise, husband presents a unique wedding ring to his lady in the special event because this has become the tradition in all the cultures around the globe. The best place to buy wedding ring is Segaljewellery.

Curious Facts about Jewelry

  • Jewelry is as ancient as the first sensible human creature in the process of evolution.
    78% of the brides get gold or diamond ring in their engagement and/or wedding.
  • Diamond was discovered 2400 years back in India. But the biggest suppliers of the diamond is now in South America.
  • Mesopotamia and Egypt were the first to introduce to wear the jewelry as a symbol of status and noble. Also, they were the first to start the production of jewelry.
  • The largest and the most massive diamond ever discovered on the planet is “The Cullinan”, the weight recorded of this diamond is 1.3 pounds.
  • With time, the styling changes along with the way people wear it. Metal age enabled the designing of precious stones into jewels.
  • Most fashionable jewelry styles are Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Romanticism and Victorian.
  • First artistic jewelry was created during metal age.
  • Following jewels have a quality of color clarity: ruby, sapphire and emerald.
  • Obsidian is the only natural glass discovered after the volcanic eruption.
  • Black jet – a historical jewelry, was formed from fossilized coal over 182 million years ago.
  • Synthetic diamonds became common from the 1950s.
  • Largest consumption of diamond is in the United States.
  • Prominent properties of gold, such as softness, longevity and shining make it more valuable and popular among people.
  • History is evident that all the stones in blue color were called sapphire, whereas all the yellow stones were called Topaz.

Interesting Jewelry Stories

The price of life

Oddly enough, men were the first to wear earrings in world history. Yes, men tried earring (jewelry) for the first time, and this happened in Ancient Asia. Today, a men’s earring is an attribute of fans of rock and grunge styles, and also a pop-up visual cinema association in the form of Jack-Sparrow pirate leader performed by Johnny Depp. Interestingly, the tradition of sailors wearing ear jewelry was not just panache, but evidence of rank and reputation: for instance, only senior naval officers could wear gold, and ordinary sailors could wear copper or bronze.

The earring served as a currency in ancient times: left without a livelihood, it could be exchanged for food.

Long years of love

An interesting case occurred in 1995 in Sweden. Once, a woman named Lena Paalsson, she was engaged in a smooth daily routine, such as preparing dinner, took off her unique wedding ring during some work and she didn’t find it right after that. However, it is almost impossible to imagine the surprise of Lena, when she found it after sixteen years during the harvest in her garden.

Silver is more expensive than gold

Even “trying for a tooth”, the champions standing on the podium cannot recognize the “true” metal of the highest award of the Olympic Games – a gold medal. In fact, the happy athletes posing for photographers do not hold the gold, but silver trophies, only covered by electro-plating on the gold! The International Olympic Committee decided that pure gold should be rewarded in an amount of at least 6 grams – only about 1-1.5% of the total weight of the trophy.

Three Steps above Heaven

Losing a unique wedding ring in the garden and finding it after 16 years, as it turned out, is not the most incredible thing that can happen to the jewelry. Imagine, a responsible space mission, the 10th manned flight to the moon, it’s the Apollo 16 crew. The main character – cosmonaut Thomas Mattingly, who removed his ring at the beginning of the flight, could not find it anyway during the mission with spacewalk and conducting a scientific experiment there. His colleague, Charles Duke, noticed the ring floating near him when they were in the outer-space, at the open airlock of the spacecraft. He attempted to catch the ring but couldn’t and suddenly the ring rebounded right on the helmet of Mattingly.

Own burden

Pharaohs and queens – in short, those who made up the high society and the color of ancient Egyptian society generously dressed themselves in jewelry – literally. The heavy gold plates of which the massive necklaces consisted, often richly decorated with precious stones, the law of gravity forced them to lose balance and lean forward. However, ancient Egyptian luxury lovers solved this problem with their ingenuity and brilliance; counterweights were hung on their backs, and posture remained firm.

Set status

At the time of the Ancient Rome, free from social networks, girls could not even put the status “in active search” or “married” on their social media page. An indicator of personal life that was considered a public demonstration was the jewelry, special hats and hairstyles. So, unmarried girls wore laconic earrings, devoid of plentiful decor, while the married ladies brought to light the most imaginative and richly decorated.

Wearing jewelry with different style

Several myths and legends surround the greats of this world in history! But the following fact is not fiction at all, but the eyewitness and is true. Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin possessed a secret bracelet that was decorated with green jasper, and also engraved something in Turkish. Why the bracelet was considered a secret? The fact is that he didn’t wear it on the wrist but the forearm. Many people at that time started to do the same. Ultimately, that style had become a fashion and people desperately follow that trend. The rich preferred to wear a gold bracelet and others wear silver and bronze. However, the wedding and engagement rings followed the traditional way of wearing on the finger at that time too.