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Microwave Oven Buying Guide: How to Buy Right One for You

Over the last several years, the emergence of microwave ovens forever changed the cooking game. Microwave ovens are not just basic microwaves. This kitchen appliance gives you the option to do so much more with your food, and it’s just what anyone needs in their home.

In addition to standard defrosting and pre-heating, this high-quality microwave oven combo also has the option to grill, bake, cook, and so much more.

So, if you’re someone who finds it hard and time-consuming to cook for yourself or your family, then a microwave oven might be just the right solution for you. To find out more about the features and different advantages of this practical kitchen appliance, keep reading. In just minutes, you’ll be ready to purchase your ideal microwave oven.

Microwave Oven Function

First things first, when buying a microwave oven, you should look into the features of each model. Different microwave ovens come with different functions, and it only comes down to personal preferences and needs which microwave oven you’ll choose.

Essentially, there are three major types of microwave ovens, all offering something unique at a different price range.

  • Solo microwave oven – These are the standard microwaves. They are the cheapest out of the three and come with basic heating and cooking features. With solo microwave ovens, you can re-heat or defrost your food, make various beverages such as coffee or tea, and cook some simpler meals, including popcorn, noodles, rice, and pasta.
  • Grill microwave oven – These ovens are a bit pricier than solo ones, for a reason. In addition to all standard features a solo microwave oven provides, grill microwave ovens also come with several extra features. With it, you can easily grill your meat and vegetables, as these microwave ovens come with a higher power supply.
  • Convection microwave oven – Finally, these microwave ovens are a more expensive but useful solution. At a higher price range, this appliance offers a wide variety of cooking options. With a convection microwave oven, you could even bake cakes, bread and make pizzas.

Microwave Oven Size

Now that you’ve examined all the different microwave oven functions, you should also think about the size of this kitchen appliance. They come at various size points to fit all families. For some people, size plays a crucial role when choosing a new microwave oven because they’re often dealing with a limited amount of space.

No matter what your situation is, compare different sizes and features to find your perfect match.

For reference, a household with 2-3 members should look into microwave ovens with 15-20 liters. 25-30 liters is perfect for a home of 3-5 members, while families with 5+ members should look into the bigger ovens or 30+ liters.

Microwave Oven Style

However, besides microwave oven types and sizes, style can also play a crucial role for many households. You can find all of the types and sizes available in different styles, depending on what you’re searching for.

  • Countertop microwave oven – These are the most straightforward microwave ovens to install and typically the cheapest. Simply put them on empty countertop space, and the microwave oven is ready for use!
  • Over-the-range microwave oven – As their name suggests, these are installed above the kitchen range. They are perfect for anyone struggling with insufficient countertop space or looking for a sleek kitchen look. However, their installation probably needs an electrician.
  • Built-in microwave oven – These microwave ovens offer a seamless and integrated kitchen look. Since they’re built-in, you’ll save some extra space on the countertop while protecting the microwave oven from grease and dust. However, you’ll need customizable kitchen cabinets that’ll support your built-in microwave oven perfectly.

Other Useful Features

If you have decided on function, size, and style, but you’re still having difficulties with which microwave oven to choose, do some research about their additional features. Some microwave ovens offer useful options you probably wouldn’t realize you need them until you have them.

  • Turntable – Allows the food to turn while in the microwave oven, which results in heating and cooking the food evenly from all sides.
  • Shortcuts – If you’re in a hurry, shortcuts are excellent to have easy and quick access to your most-used features.
  • Racks – Allow stacking more meals during one cooking process, using less time and power to cook two or more meals.
  • Child Lock – Requires a specific combination of buttons to operate the microwave. This keeps children safe from any accidental microwave oven activation.
  • Eco Mode – Even if only plugged in, your microwave will still use some energy. If your goal is to reduce power consumption, use a microwave oven with an energy-saving mode.


In sum, there are millions of different microwave ovens available on the market nowadays. So, before making a purchase and committing to just one, it’s highly recommended you do some research about what you’re looking for.

This guide will help you narrow down your choices and focus on the features necessary to you. Finally, you’ll enjoy your new microwave oven in no time.

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