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5 Tips For a Perfect Office Party

So, have you been assigned the task of organizing an office party? Irrespective of whether it is a punishment or reward for your good performance throughout the year, you will still find yourself struggling to come up with the best plan.

Well, first up, let me begin with a subtle reminder: organizing a perfect office party is another way to impress your boss. Who knows this might help you get an appraisal?

According to a survey, 58 percent of the adults of age between 24 and 40 said that their companies hosted regular happy hours in the office at least once a month. Here we are to help you understand what exactly do you need for a perfect office party.

1. Theme selection according to the budget

First and foremost, you must come up with a good theme for your party. Having a theme helps you plan out things easily and you do not get distracted or spend on non-required elements. Moreover, having a theme will make your colleagues stay excited about the party.

Always remember to choose a theme according to the budget assigned to you. A theme should also be selected keeping the attendees in mind. You obviously do not want your colleagues to make excuses for not coming to the party.

So do make sure you consider everyone’s interests before finalizing on one thing. This will not only help you in the best theme selection but also in an improved relationship with colleagues.

2. Choose your team to plan the party

It is always the best idea to create a team to seek help. This helps you plan out things with precision and also at a greater speed.

The members who finish the assigned tasks prior to the given timeline can help the rest of the members to ensure that they also meet up with the scheduled time or deadline.

Having a team will help you make wise decisions and also reduces confusion. Further, creative opinions and ideas from the other team members will make your party more fun and exciting. Creating a team to organize a party together facilitates a trustworthy bond between you and your members.

3. Plan and book things ahead

Do not wait until the last minute to plan and book things. Always plan everything in advance as you never know whether you might get your choice of venue at the last minute or not. Remember, the venue plays a big role in triggering excitement for the party.

Further, book your drinks way ahead. You might just be lucky enough to get the drinks at an affordable cost and you can save for other items. Make sure you keep both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Similarly, book your caterers and all the other things that need a prior booking.

For those residing in Australia, well you can check out for getting the best drinks and sodas for your party.

4. Invest in wellbeing and team morale

A good organizer is one who invests in building good team morale and wellbeing. According to a 2017 survey of Australian workplaces, 85 percent of employers reported that office parties and celebrations had a positive impact on staff and team morale.

For instance, you can plan out an outing somewhere in the open. This gives you and your colleagues a break from their regular stressful work environment. A change in the entire scenery will facilitate better communication among themselves and build relations.

5. Create an invitation

Draft a creative invitation which will be circulated in the entire office. The invitation must have time, location, and theme properly mentioned. This brings in a level of excitement among the office staff. Obviously, not everyone is free on your selected date and they need to make prior arrangements.

Your office party must be the hottest topic for discussion during coffee and lunch breaks. So, make sure your team has selected the best invitation for the party.

Over to you…

What are you waiting for? Get to work. You have a lot to plan. Now that you know the best tips to organize a perfect office party, nothing can stop you from getting an appraisal this year! 😉