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Existential Crisis: A Profound Reason of Human Depression

Do you ever feel depression and stress at any point of your remarkable life?


It can be relatable to an existential crisis.

Existential anxiety occurs when life’s disbelief or insanity becomes too much to chore.

The heavyweight of it all sends you into a deep formed and immortalized by feelings like apathy for the entire world around you, sleep queries, a loss of entertainment in things you used to love, helplessness, and many more.

Existential depression can display itself as any of the following:

Existential dread

It is the fear of clumping through a pointless existence.

Existential anxiety

It is the terror or distress of needing to find expressions in an expressionless-seeming world.

Existential depression

It is the stress that comes with the credit that anything you do does not matter.

Why Existential Crisis Occur?

It can vary in the shape of questions like:

  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • Where is my position in this whole world?
  • If I am going to die, why do any other things I do matter?
  • Why do I live?

Does this sound familiar?
Particularly in today’s political and social environment, an existential crisis can raise from outward the self, too, chucked by insensible or confusing drifts and events.

Tips to avoid Existential Anxiety:

Do you want to overcome the existential angst?


Here are some tips to avoid existential anxiety:

Find the purpose of your life:

Regardless that may be. It doesn’t have to be a tremendous minded, ethical one. Something you entertain doing for yourself or others.

Set goals for yourself on a daily basis:

Make sure you have a new and tough challenge every day. It’s healthy to sometimes clash with a division you may have been neglecting for years.

It’s also robust to try new and advanced things that may make you realize fear.

Stop looking for warranties in your life:

It’s okay to live with some distrust about the future.

Do not make your days to be filled with extended idle time:

Plan your days intelligently. Mental encouragement is essential for a healthy mind. Life doesn’t give a remote control in your hands.

Value Of Time In Our Life

Not all know the value of time are equal, and this fundamental truth can make a huge difference in a person’s life.

People who give their valuable time doing more hard and profitable work can help them to make more money. People who give their time investing in other people can build excellent relationships.

Here are some quotes on time that can help to understand the value of time:

“Time is money”.

“Time can’t wait for anyone.”

“Time is the most important thing a person can spend.”

How much is your time worth?

People who give their valuable time creating a stable career enjoy more openness. People who give their time in working on high-affect projects devote more to society.

However, you want more health, wealth, more freedom, more friendship, or more impact; it all comes down to how and where you give or spend and value your precious time.

Lost time can not come back!