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Create a Backyard Staycation the Whole Family Will Love

According to the 2017 US Bureau of Labor’s Annual Consumer Expenditures report, spending is on the rise. That includes housing, food, education, healthcare, and transportation.

What’s not mentioned are mortgages, grocery bills, and this little thing we like to call fun.

In fact, almost half of Americans can’t afford a vacation and are skipping out on recreational activities such as traveling. Many are forced to balance the decision between going out of town or saving for retirement. 

It shouldn’t be that way—and that’s why we’re proposing a solution: a backyard staycation. 

Keep reading for great ideas on having backyard fun. 

No Pool? No Problem

If you have a pool, you can skip this step (but your job is to gather all the fundamental pool accessories like noodles, goggles, and floats).

If you don’t have a pool, you still have a chance to luxuriate in the water—with an epic inflatable one. Inflatable pools are amazing nowadays!

From your classic, circular varieties, to bolder, more creative ones, they run the gamut. You can buy inflatable pools with slides, air blowers, fun shapes, and more. Check out this list for some family-friendly ideas (we especially love the one with a built-in palm tree-shaped sprayer).

Will There Be Food?

One of the best parts about going on vacation is relishing in the local cuisine.

If you’ve got a grill, a new recipe, and some imagination, you can make exotic meals from the comfort of home.

Cook up something delicious and different, and consider eating over a serving tray to add a little luxury to the equation. If you’re using a grill, try something other than your traditional hot dogs and hamburgers.

Instead, you might cook up chicken kebobs, shrimp, pork chops, or even fish tacos.

Furniture Fit for a King (Or Queen)

Want to feel like you’re at a five-star resort?

All you have to do is order the necessary furniture and you’re there.

Take a look at the offerings by for inspiration. From wicker chairs and teak love seats to double chaise lounges, swivel chairs, and more, all you’ll have to do is close your eyes and use your imagination to feel like you’re beachside in the Bahamas. 

Other awesome patio furniture ideas include cabanas (piña colada, anyone?), hammocks, or Adirondack chairs.  

Games Galore

Finally, make having fun a priority, whether you’ve got little ones in the house or not.

Some of our favorite backyard games include:

  • Cornhole
  • Capture the Flag
  • Beer pong (parents only!)
  • Giant Jenga or Connect Four
  • Bocce ball

Whatever your family’s into, have it on hand for impromptu entertainment sessions.

A Backyard Staycation Is Where It’s At, Literally

Round up all the essential elements of a great summer vacation—delicious food, fun and games, a relaxing atmosphere, a pool to dip your toes—and put them in your backyard.

Then, give yourself permission to enjoy it. Designate a day (or two, or three) to ignore your emails, put your phone on silent, and have the fun you deserve, backyard staycation style.

When you come back to the office looking refreshed, be sure to tell them where you got the idea. Come back to our page often, and send all your coworkers in need of their own backyard vacation here, too!

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