Thursday, April 22, 2021

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How to Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh All the Time

There’s nothing worse than walking into a bathroom to find yourself confronted by a waft of something unpleasant. After all, we visit the bathroom in order to make ourselves fresh and clean. Even subtly manky smells are going to undermine this, just a little bit. Moreover, this effect is even worse if you’re a guest, as it’ll colour your impression of the person whose bathroom you’re using.

So what habits can you form that’ll get your bathroom fresh-smelling, and keep it that way?

Getting Rid of Bad Smells

In some cases, the source of the bad smell is obvious. In other cases, it’s a little subtler. 

Block drains

If your drain is blocked, then the stink of all of that old hair, grease and rotting matter will creep its way back up. Getting rid of the blockage might require a plunger, a coat hanger, or a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Call a professional plumber and they’ll be able to bring other tools to bear on the problem, like an industrial drain cleaner.


Over time, mould will build up on your walls – especially if moisture has been allowed to rest there. Scrub it away with a cleaning solution and a brush, and you’ll have fresh-looking (and smelling) tiles. Mould isn’t just unsightly – it releases spores which can pose a health hazard, particularly to those with respiratory problems. If you can see the mould then it’s likely already at an advanced stage. Deal with it immediately! 

Keeping your Bathroom Fresh

Once you’ve gotten the bathroom into a respectable state, you’ll need to form a few habits that’ll keep it that way without much effort on your part.

Moisture Control

If there are water droplets settled onto every surface for hours after you take a shower, then mould and other problems are inevitable. Make sure that your extractor fan is powerful enough to deal with all that steam, and leave it on after you shower. If you have an electric dehumidifier, you might plug it in outside the bathroom, and leave the door open. Don’t take electric appliances into the bathroom.

Clean the Bathroom Regularly

Make a point at a fixed time every few weeks of cleaning the bathroom. If you’re doing it often enough, it’ll be a straightforward and fairly quick job. Replace all of the towels and bathmats slightly more often – once weekly should be sufficient.

Use Aromatics

The good news is that most bathroom cleaning products come with their own pleasant smells to counter the ones you’re covering up. If you want to add a few of your own pleasant smells, especially before guests come over, then you might invest in some aromatic candles and other fragrance-dispensing devices. Eucalyptus tends to work well.

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