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10 Reasons to Start Pilates Now

To be a fitness freak who is constantly running short of time is probably not the best of all combinations. While on one hand, you have subscriptions to most gyms and health clubs of the city but on the other hand, your professional commitments give little way to actually use those subscriptions anytime soon. If you resonate with the thought, join the club!

Pilates is a workout which deals with the entire body, rather than focusing on a specific part and this is what contributes to its popularity among those who would want to achieve a leaner look without overworking a specific part. If you have come across the Pilates regime and are probably thinking whether to start with it or not, here are 10 good reasons you can sleep on-

1. Taller and fitter look

Pilates is a workout pattern which is created for every part of the body. Unlike other gym routines, you don’t have to worry about missing a day which might cause subsequent sagging. The workout tenders to each and every part of the body and focuses evenly on the muscles too. With regular practice, you will find yourself in a leaner, taller and more flexible state. 

2. Supports the posture

A healthy spine and strengthened core gives way for a good body posture. If you have suffered from some kind of back injury, Pilates can help you recover without damaging your posture. What more? People have also testified getting taller after consistent sessions and who doesn’t like a few extra inches to their height!

3. Strengthens the core

Although the regime is a comprehensive body workout, yet the focus in one the core which makes it an ideal workout if you aim to strengthen your core while adding to your flexibility. The mat Pilates Melbourne recommends roll down, teaser and single leg stretch to build your core strength.

4. Enhances the energy levels

The exercises forming a part of the Pilates daily routine add to the blood circulation and catalyse the oxygen inflow in the body. Moreover, the momentum set by the exercises also decrease the cortisol levels, making you more relaxed and relieved. Trust the experts, Pilates is a regime for complete control and coordination of mind and body.

5. Assist in weight loss

Pilates brings a whole new change to your body by making it more flexible and lean. It acts like a contour for entire body structure, carving out the curves and chiselling the extra fat. Moreover, the fact that it uses the entire body at a time also ensures that the muscle will not start sagging. This makes it an ideal workout for those who wish to lose weight gradually. 

6. A comprehensive workout pattern

When we talk about comprehensive, it does not only include the body but also the mind and the spirit. Pilates makes your body resonate with your mind and inner self, thus acting as a detox for the body too. The exercises in Pilates are designed as a full body workout, making it a perfect exercise regimen for those who are always running short on time.

7. Toned muscle

Accept it, weight loss which causes muscles to sag is no good for the body. If you have been fretting about losing weight for a while but are worried if it may cause the muscles to sag and lose their shape, then Pilates is the workout you are looking for. 

8. Better sex

With the right instructor by your side, you can make use of Pilates to enhance your sex life too. The right Pilates workout also helps you to tighten your pelvic floor muscles while adding to the flexibility of your body, thus increases the sensations during coitus. 

9. Mental workout

The workout principles on coordination, breathing pattern, precision, control, centring and flow, thus making it a workout designed not just for your body but also for your mental self. The energy levels churned during a good Pilates session cleanse your mind of all irrelevant energies. 

10. No terms and conditions

The best part about Pilates is the fact that it is not confined to any particular age. All the exercises are for people for all ages, with some exceptions. 

So, if you are up to meeting people in different walks of life and get a leaner physique at the same time, make sure you adhere to a Pilates routine quickly.