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Check Out Difference between Electric and Air Impact Wrench before Buying One

Every handyman or a mechanic requires possessing a wrench as it can be used for numerous purpose. It simply is a tool that is frequently used for providing manual grip so that adequate pressure can be applied for turning objects like bolts and nuts. It is also referred by many as monkey wrench or spanner.

There are several styles and types of wrenches available these days like an open end, box end, impact wrench, etc. This articles will shed light on electrical impact wrench vs. air ones as these two are the most commonly used by professionals.

Impact Wrenches

Take a look at impact wrenches before diving into the classifications!

This tool looks similar to electric drills but their functions are completely different. Electric drills supply speed and power consistently whereas impact wrenches are designed for offering powerful and higher torque at slow speed than electric drills.

This type of wrenches has a design that permits a tool like a hammer for striking against the anvil. This anvil is joined to wrenches’ business end’s square driver and when struck by another tool (hammer) it forces impact wrenches’ socket to apply increasing pressure. Since pressure on a bolt or nut is applied in an increasing stage and not all of a sudden, this gets the work done without breaking a nut or bolt.

Now let’s go through electric impact wrench vs. air from !

  • Electric impact wrench

This can be a wired or cordless wrench and due to its perks are currently one of the most used wrenches by professionals.

The corded type obtains remarkable power which is missing from the cordless one. Hence, it is used for removing large bolts, screws, etc. where wireless one can’t offer results. However, due to an attached cord, it is cumbersome and handling it becomes difficult for people. Now let’s check cordless one!

The wireless electric impact wrench works best when people try to use it for bolts and screws which are hard to reach or when an individual needs a portable tool to get a job done. This is one of the handiest tools as it can be taken anywhere and charged overnight, it simply doesn’t offer enough power like air impact ones.

Note: These electric wrenches are quite expensive so when purchasing one, ensure you compare costs before ordering.

  • Air impact wrench

This offers so many benefits that it is now auto mechanics’ go-to tool. It harnesses air’s power for creating massive pressure which makes extremely difficult jobs easily manageable. It is also known as pneumatic wrench.

This type of wrench doesn’t need a connection to air source directly for operating this tool. The only downside of this wrench can be listed as requiring air compressor for operating it which is ideal for a stationary spot but not for repairing on the go or traveling with it. However, one should always keep in mind that it aids in completing difficult tasks at a reduced effort and time.

So, now that you understand electric impact wrench vs. air, order the type of wrench which will fulfill all your requirement!