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Men’s Jewelry Trends to Try in the New Year

No matter your age, your race, or your gender, fashion is always evolving. This means that keeping up can sometimes feel difficult. If you’re a man and like to try new trends in the sartorial world, then one of the areas seeing the biggest boom in participation is men’s jewelry. Men have been showing a continued interest in expanding jewelry collection offerings and options to allow them to express their style. Whether you already have a sizable accessory collection at home or want to start wearing men’s jewelry, keep reading for all the pieces and trends you should try in the upcoming new year.

Cuban Link Chains

If you haven’t yet mastered the art of men’s jewelry, it’s not a bad idea to start with pieces you’re used to seeing on your favorite celebrities and influencers. One of the gold standards of men’s jewelry for decades has been the Cuban link chain, and this year you’re going to see them on everyone! Whether you opt for a gold or sterling silver chain, a thicker chain, or a thinner one, the Cuban links style is iconic for a reason.

Signet Rings

While monogram jewelry has had its moment in the sun in the form of monogrammed rings, necklaces, and even earrings, this year is the year of the signet ring, especially for men. You can opt for a blank signet ring, just making a statement with a large square or oval as a pinky ring, or have the piece engraved for a more personalized touch. Some men even choose to have diamonds or other precious stones inlaid into the signet. These classic pieces are having a huge resurgence in men’s fashion right now, so take your chance to add a timeless piece to your collection. Wear them on your pinky finger for the biggest sartorial impact. 

Bracelets for Men

One of the most impactful ways to make a statement with your jewelry is by owning bracelets for men. Just a peekaboo of link bracelets coming through the wrist of your suit jacket or sweater is the cherry on top of a well-stylized look. While finer jewelry like gold or silver bracelets will last a lifetime, even fabric and knitted bracelets are being warned by male fashion influencers and celebrities alike. Bracelets are additionally great choices because you can leave them on, never take them off and not give them a second thought, and know that you’ve always got at least one accessory each day.

Pendant Necklaces

With the exception of a Jesus piece, for decades, pendant necklaces have mainly dominated the women’s fashion scene, but this is no longer the case. Pendant necklaces for men can range anywhere from a locket, a crystal, a traditional crucifix, or anywhere between. A solid turquoise nugget with coral accents on a silver chain is an excellent option for a Bohemian look. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what kind of pendant you want to add to your necklace, and you can also invest in several different pendants to switch them out depending on your mood or aesthetic.

All Earrings

This year, everything is in when it comes to men’s earrings. For a long time, men felt limited to just wearing a stud earring, but now, in addition to fiery and brilliant diamond studs, men can wear chain hoops, drop earrings that graze the shoulder, or anything else that shows off their edgier sartorial side. Only your comfort zone really limits on-trend options for earrings. You can wear an earring in just one ear, go with a matching pair, or a mismatch; there are no rules!

Other trends we’ll see this year regarding men’s jewelry are pearl necklaces, mood rings, over-the-top opulent everything, and an influence on quality materials. While costume jewelry has its time and place, investing in pieces that will last a lifetime and stand the ebbs and flows of the ever-changing fashion scene is more important. Quality over quantity cannot be overstated when it comes to the jewelry collection you curate. This year, the main takeaway should be to do you. New year, new you? Show that new personality in your fashion sense and let your jewelry take center stage.