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Travel More Smarter

Tips to Make Your Travel More Smarter

Travelling is one of those activities which not only requires proper planning and organizing but also the one which requires a smart move at almost every step of the journey. It all starts with idea of choosing the destination till finally reaching back home. There are many factors beyond human control which can contribute as a mood spoiler at that peak time. No matter how organized you are, uncertainties like delayed flights can pop in out of nowhere anytime and can make the beginning or ending of the trip no less than worse. In today’s fast-moving world, nobody has the spare time to roam around the airport, wait for the delayed flights or sleep in the waiting areas. To avoid this problem and to ensure a hassle-free journey for all the travelers, Flightradar is here.

Making a travel ‘smart’ isn’t as easy as it sounds. Travelling to a place for a vacation requires a lot of preparation beforehand just to ensure that everything remains smooth throughout the course of the trip. Making a to-do list, packing clothes smartly, carrying all your electronic devices with charges definitely comes under the umbrella of a ‘Smart Travel’ but surely doesn’t suffice.

Flightradar24, a one of its kind venture has brought ‘smartness in real terms’ to the travel industry. A pure blessing for all the wanderlusts, Flightradar24, a Swedish internet-based service, helps people manage their trips wisely when it comes to proper time management. Started in 2006, Flightrader24 has approximately 60% of the world flight covered and helps in everything from tracking commercial planes in real-time on our flight tracker map to fetching all the airport related information at a single click. Covering even the minutest of the information like flight numbers, aircraft types, positions and altitudes, flightradar24 manages it all so easily and effortlessly. With its headquarters at Stockholm, Sweden, it aggregates data from multiple sources with ADS-B receivers. By placing trackers on buoys in the ocean; it gets coverage even on the deepest ocean. Who would have thought that uncontrollable factors like these can also be brought into consideration for the ease of the travellers!

A global flight tracking service, Flightrader24 provides you with real time information about thousands of aircrafts across the globe. From 1,200+ airlines which fly to or from numerous airports, Flightrader24 tracks about 180,000+ flights. It could be a great solution for worried parents or confirmed aerophobs. Such marvellous service by Flightrader24 is available online and also for your android and iOS devices. It aims at tracking all the aircrafts around the world, irrespective whether they are manned or not. This brilliant tracker helps to show live air traffic across the world. Flightrader24 combines data from various data sources, for instance- radar data, MLAT and ADS-B. One could have a unique flight tracking experience with Flightradar24 apps where schedule and flight data status is aggregated together from ADS-B, MLAT and radar data.

But how does it work? Employing a different approach to receiving data directly from the aircraft, ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast), a primary technology is used by Flightrader24 to receive flight information. The first step involves receiving the aircraft location from the GPS navigation source. Then in the second step, the ADS-B transponder on the aircraft which contains the location transmits the signal and much more to that. Then the third step comprises of picking up the signal by the receiver connected to Flightrader24. Then the receiver feeds data to the Flightrader24 which is shown on  Flightradar24 apps where you can see thousands of yellow planes moving across the globe. The other sources from which it provides aircraft information is Multilateration, abbreviated as MLAT and Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR). About 2 million users assess the data each month on this website.