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Backyard Project: Adding an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Creating an outdoor space is one way to upgrade your home and enjoy festivities with friends and family. You could add new furniture, decorate your garden, or upgrade your patio. However, if you want one focal point that will excite everyone, you could always go for an outdoor pizza oven. 

Having one allows you to bake wood-fired pizzas in a collaborative and fun way. Serving food from your oven is a new and fabulous way to treat your guests. Overall, this is a backyard project that is worth every penny. So, without further ado, learn about this new upgrade and some safety tips, its benefits, and maintenance below: 

Installment and Usage Safety Tips

Your pizza oven doesn’t come without risks or danger. Since you’ll be dealing with high heat, it’s best to go to a professional to have your oven installed. Although a do-it-yourself approach is possible, it can be too risky since you’re inexperienced in making one. For this, purchasing an oven from sites like Lifestyle BBQs is one solution you could try. 

Before starting your project, consider these safety tips first:

Check With Local Authorities

Before adding your pizza oven, you must check in with authorities like your local government, fire department, and homeowner’s association. Safety regulations differ from state to state, so it’s best to know the specific requirements based on where you’re located. 

Having a good understanding of the regulations doesn’t only mean you won’t break the law. It also means you reduce any risks of fire accidents. Moreover, it remedies the problem of having to cover up costs if an accident does happen. 

Avoid Overhead Obstructions

If you have the go signal from authorities, you can check possible locations where to build your oven. To prevent hazards, you should ensure that nothing obstructs the single stovepipe – which serves as the central ventilation system for your oven. 

If you’re unsure where to place your oven, you could ask installment companies to help you. You could even ask for opinions from the fire department on which location is the safest. For this, prepare a detailed explanation of where you’re hoping it to be.

Stay Away from Combustibles

Overhead obstructions aren’t the only thing to be wary of, as you also need to check for combustibles (such as trees, wood storage piles, wooden fences, etc.) around the oven. Although there are different instructions for oven installments, the recommended distance from your oven to any material is one meter away. 

Don’t forget to Use Safety Gear

Handling your oven should be done with caution since it’s extremely hot. For this, you should always wear heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands. The same goes if you have guests over. If you plan to let them take out the food from the oven, you should always instruct them to wear gloves. Additionally, these gloves provide a good grip, making it less likely to drop food.

Advantages of a Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza ovens will give you a robust range of advantages that will go beyond a hearty meal. It’s an easy-to-use upgrade that provides a unique cooking experience. Gone are the days when you’d need to order pizza since you could always make one from your backyard. 

Authentic Flavors

Eating your pizza hot out of the oven is a phrase you can relate to once you have your oven installed. Moreover, wood-fired pizza is a traditional cooking method that gives you an authentic taste you can’t find at your local pizza place. 

In addition, you can customize any topping you like. Unlike ordering, you aren’t bound by the menu or available toppings since you can always use what you have in the fridge or what you’re currently craving. Moreover, creating a custom pizza gives you a fulfilling experience since it fits your preferences.

Easy to Use

Outdoor pizza ovens are easy to use. Since you have authorization and safety checked, you can rest assured that inexperience won’t hinder you from cooking good pizza. Before you cook, it’s best to start the oven early so it can preheat. Doing so allows the wood to burn to the right temperature and cook your pizza without wasting too much time.

Provides a Unique Experience

Home events will never be the same since an outdoor pizza oven makes it more entertaining. You could use this to bond with your children and implement a pizza-making contest. You could host holiday parties and try making pizzas with your friends. Whatever you choose, you’ll naturally want to spend your time outdoors and give yourself a unique experience.

Maintaining Its Prime Condition

Having a pizza oven also means maintaining it after every use. Doing so keeps it in its prime condition. Likewise, it allows you to inspect every nook and cranny, ensuring there aren’t any ventilation problems. It’s also best to remember to wait until your oven is completely cooled down before cleaning it.

Moreover, you should always remove any ash or debris buildup inside your oven. This ensures that the soot won’t affect the taste of your food. It’s best to sweep out the ashes with an ash rake. Likewise, you should avoid using detergents for your interiors since the pizza stones may absorb the chemical.

Final Thoughts

Whether you enjoy entertaining guests at home or just want a new upgrade, a pizza oven will be a great addition to your outdoor space. Not only does it enhance the ambiance of your home, but it also increases its value. Moreover, it comes with the opportunity to explore new pizza combinations, all in the comfort of your backyard.