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Reasons Why DIY Epoxy Coating Fail

Whether it’s a small space or a massive area, when it comes applying epoxy coating you should only trust epoxy coating company Padukah. Many people make the mistake of applying epoxy themselves believing that they can save a lot of money by opting for a DIY project. Unfortunately, even if you spend an enormous amount of time doing research, reading and re-reading online blogs on how to effectively coat your floors with epoxy and even if you’ve subscribed to numerous channels on YouTube of videos showing you how it’s done, trust us, almost always it’s going to end up in disaster.

What should you do instead? Well, if you want a seamless and successful project you should entrust your floors to a professional Epoxy Coating Company Padukah. One thing you should know, the only people who are qualified to do this job are those who have been taught and extensively trained to apply special coatings on floors and more importantly those who have the skills to execute the complex techniques. Contractors are careful to follow the specific steps of the coating process to ensure that your floors are coated appropriately otherwise your floors will not look as beautiful and they won’t be as strong and durable as they should be.

You see, even if you follow the instructions from the manual there’s always that risk that you may get it all wrong and end up with horrifying results. The following are the consequences of skipping an epoxy floor coating services.

Poorly Prepared Surface

Before the application of special epoxy coating your floors must be properly prepared. If you skip this step the epoxy coating will not mechanically bond to your floor. How do you prepare your floors prior to the application of epoxy? Well, it must be free of dust and dirt, dry and completely clean.

Also, before the application of a primer your floor’s surface must be shot-blasted. Those who choose the DIY approach acid wash the floors thinking that it will remove aged grease but it won’t, not entirely. Acid etching, although it’s considered an acceptable method of preparing your floors, will not yield the desired results unless the pores of your concrete are open to let the acid eliminate the cement paste on the surface. Unfortunately, this process is not enough to remove stains and contaminants. Professional contractors are experts in preparing floors to receive epoxy coating.

If you get his step wrong there’s a big chance your coating will peel off in as little as twelve to twenty-four months. By that time, you’ll need to re-do it all over again.

Moisture Is Present

Epoxy coating will not bond to the floor when moisture is present. If certain areas of your floor have collected water or moisture it will create major problems in the long term. The reason is because humidity and moisture will alter the normal chemical reaction of your coating.

When there is moisture, you can’t expect your floors to look nice. Besides ugly looking floors the durability and strength will also be compromised. Professional epoxy contractors are experts in this field and they’ll know when to apply the coating. They also know how to keep your floors bone dry prior to the application of the epoxy coating.

The next time you decide to follow a DIY approach in the hopes of saving money, think again. Coating your floors with epoxy is a tedious and complex task that requires skilled and trained hands. Experimenting with your floors is not worth the risk. You’ll not only ruin your floors you’ll also waste money, time and energy on something that will not give you the results you want.

Southern Illinois Epoxy provides top quality flooring services. With our experienced team of contractors, we can guarantee that you’ll get superior results for your concrete and resin floors at a price that’s easy on the budget. We cater to both commercial and residential flooring needs.